Advice on Diamond Studs

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  1. I'm looking for diamond studs and have read from you experts that cut is the most important factor.

    So, I've been looking at 1ct E-G color ideal cut diamonds in various clarity grades. Prices are from $4k - $6k each on Blue Nile. My jeweler this afternoon quoted me $7k each and to be set in platinum, I'm looking at $15k-$16k for the pair of earrings.

    Is it better to buy the loose diamonds from Blue Nile (and not pay any sales tax!) and have my jeweler set them? Or should I pay a bit more with my jeweler whom I trust? I've never bought diamonds online and I'm a bit nervous about it.

    Would appreciate any advice you can offer. Thank you!
  2. are you talking about 1 carat total weight, or 2 carat total weight?
    When people discuss studs, they're usually describing total weight when mentioning carat size.
  3. oh sorry. 2 carat total weight
  4. Maybe someone can recommend a diamond broker.
    We just bought me a pair that are incredible quality.
    We have a diamond broker in Houston that we only buy from and we paid half of what you're talking about.,

    I can't remember the specs, I'll look them up in the thread I had going.
    One pic is of my original pair of 1 cttw compared to a 2cttw set.
    IMG_0749.jpg IMG_0774.jpg
  5. hmm, i'd say go to blue nile. and get an ideal cut as you'd said and have that baby shine like crazy. hmm, did your jeweler say that it has a lasar enscribed number on it or anything? blue nile is reputable. but....if you have any doubts, go the way that will make you the most comforatable that that is get them done by your jeweler. you want to feel fantastic about them when you wear them and you shouldn't have any worries on your mind.
  6. Clarity and quality of the cut will change your pricing dramatically. However, Blue Nile's prices for comparable items in jewelry stores is much much better.
  7. Swanky, thank you very much for posting your pic. Those are gorgeous! I'm hoping for a set like those! :yahoo: Paid 1/2?! I'm definitely interested...

    Aqua, thank you for your comments. I agree, I was worried because these will be my everyday earrings and I want to feel good about them.

    Shops, thank you for your advice. It's good to hear some feedback of bluenile or these other online stores. Diamonds are just like any other commodity right? But I don't know enough about them to assess their value so I've been relying on my jeweler. I trust him, but I hope I haven't been overpaying for other items.
  8. Check out It's the best diamond forum.

    SM3, can we have the name of your Houston broker? :smile:
  9. Check out; they are highly recommended by pricescope members. I purchased a petite dreams of Africa pendant from Whiteflash and it is dynamite!
  10. Pricescope is defo a great site, it will give you lots of information!
  11. Definately be certain what overall carats you want before you do anything at all. I've got such tiny lobes the only size that looked right on me was 0.62ct total so I just went for better quality diamonds and settings.
  12. if someone wants my broker's info, PM me. But he probably can't help you unless you visit him.
    We've had a relationship w/ for over 12 years so he Fed-Ex's stuff to us. . . but again, he's a 'friend'.

    Every major city in the USA has a district of brokers, you can easily call around and find out who sells to the public.
  13. Lucky you! A new pair of diamond studs! I agree with everyone else about checking out and Pricescope also has links to a few other on-line jewelers, including BlueNile.

    I've never ordered any jewerly on-line, but I have never heard any negative comments about BlueNile.

    My only hesitation would be this: a diamond has a certain "life" or sparkle to it that can't be seen through a photograph. So, if that characteristic is important to you, it might be best to purchase from your jeweler.

    I don't know how his price compares to others in your area, but diamond prices vary a lot (as I know you know:smile:) and can increase dramatically (super-dramatically) when the color is closer to colorless and the clarity has fewer inclusions.
  14. whatever you do, be very careful. i have had a couple of close calls with my diamond studs...i put them in safety deposit now, and wear moissanite. i told my mom, and she bought a pair too...because she couldn't tell the difference.