Advice on color

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  1. I'm thinking of getting a BV Nodini but can't decide between metallic (Argento) or black. I tend to wear a lot of black in my wardrobe. Thoughts?
  2. Either would be beautiful... Do you already have a lot of black bags?
  3. I love my Argento nodini. It’s a versatile color.
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  4. The Argento with black will look interesting and go with lighter colors
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  5. another vote for Argento!
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  6. For me, both colors are versatile but argento is more so because it’s something I would also carry when I’m wearing lighter colors. Black would be a year round bag as well but if I’m wearing a light top even with black pants, I might carry argento just to ‘lighten’ the look a bit. IMHO, you can’t really go wrong with either color.
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  7. Another vote for Argento. BV metallics are gorgeous.
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  8. I like Argento so much that I bought the large zip around wallet, the small L-zip wallet. And the double knot bracelet. The L-zip is the perfect wallet size for a Nodini. I didn’t get the lanyard. I’m wishing I did when it was available.
  9. I really like my Argento Nodini. BV does the best metallics!
  10. I have one in Argento made possible by a very kind TPFer thus my vote goes to Argento. The only consideration is that the metallic finish will wear off over time thus the corners may show a bit of wear but who cares, it will not be obvious on Argento and BVs aren’t built to be babied, IMHO
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  11. Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for all your input. Looks like most prefer the argento over black. I actually have a metallic medium BV belly which I love, and was trying to justify getting another metallic BV purse. I do have other black handbags fwiw. :smile: