Advice on CLs

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    I am a size 7 UK, will a 40.5 fit me? I absolutely LOVE these shoes! If anyone has these can you tell me how easy they are to walk in and how comfortable they are. Also, what do you think of them? I am REALLY dithering on whether to get them or not.
  2. Can you get to Selfridges? CL's vary in size between styles and you could do with trying on. A 40.5 is a 7.5 so might be a bit big for you
  3. i find most cl's to be a little tight and sometimes i prefer to get them a little loose cuz ur feet swell in heels after a certain amt of time. If they are too loose u could always put a thin insole in. BTW those shoes are gorgeous u should go for 'em. CL's r very comfy!
  4. Yep I can get to Selfridges, I might go on monday, do you know if they have those shoes though?
    I can be an 8 in heels so maybe I'll go for the 41...
  5. Thanks for the help! I really hope I do get them
  6. if u get them please post pics cuz those are HOT