Advice on Cles

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  1. Anyone have ideas on how to attach keys to a Cles without the keys messing up the ring? I really want to use it for my keys but prior experiences with the ring chipping has me thinking it over. Any suggestions?
  2. Use it and once it starts chipping sell it and buy a new one!
  3. The cles just isn't a quality item. The gold hardware is a bit pathetic
  4. The store will replace the key chain. I had mine replaced.
  5. Thanks for your feedback. I was thinking of using the little rubber bands that is used for children's braids to attach my keys for now. Not sure how that'll turn out but worth a try.
  6. The ring is a free replacement at your local LV. Use the key pouch, and when the ring gets chipped up, just get it replaced.
  7. Oh wow, really?! Even after the usual one year passes?

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  8. Yep!
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    My DE cles chipped a little the first time I hung keys from it. I am not making the same mistake with my new empriente one. Cards only. I can't go to the store everytime hardware chips.