Advice on cleaning LV leather

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I tried doing a search on this but couldn't find what I needed so I apologize in advance if this has already been answered. Does anyone have any advice on how to clean the leather on their MC LV? Mine is starting to get pretty grungy and I want to clean it without scratching/destroying it and I wasn't sure what products would work best.

  2. On my bags I use baby wipes or a magic eraser. HOWEVER I would be careful on MC that is does not cause the colors to run. The magic eraser might be to harsh. It works wonders on my mon canvas though.
  3. I think you could try "alcohol free baby wipes" or Huggies although it dries out the leather a bit. Try this on a hidden spot or underside first, wait a few hours and see if it's ok.
  4. For me, baby wipes work pretty well.
  5. It's ok to use babywipes to clean the vachetta? I've never been bold enough to try! Will it damage it?
  6. Thanks for the tips ladies. I think I'll test the baby wipes and see how that works.
Thread Status:
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