Advice on Cleaning an EXTREMELY dirty LV that I am ALLERGIC to!!

  1. I purchased a "pre-loved" monogram pochette on eBay last week. It arrived today and I was so excited!! It is my very first LV and I've been lusting after this pochette for at least three years now! I was really dissapointed that it did not come in the condition that it was described tho...

    I purchased the pochette through a "Best Offer" with the understanding that there was a "tacky glue" substance that had spilled in the purse. I did not mind something on the inside that might be able to be cleaned out for a slightly lower price.

    I got the bag a few hours ago and opened it with anticipation! The first thing I noticed was that the strap was extremely greasy and dirty. It was really gross and I remember reading that many of you girls suggested baby wipes. I wiped it down a few times and it is a little better.

    I wanted to inspect the tacky glue damage on the inside so I opened it up only to find that it was absolutely DISGUSTING inside! There was only a few spots of the glue... but also inside the bag were human and animal hairs!! :throwup: There was also an extremely strong makeup smell. I felt a little queasy but having the baby wipes on hand i started to wipe out the inside only to realize that it was CAKED in dirty makeup!! There are also eyeliner/mascara/eye shadow stains...

    I am extremely allergic to many things including most furry animals and certain types of makeup. I don't know if its the pet hair or the makeup or a combination of the two but my face is now swollen up and I am coughing like I have bronchitis!

    Since the previous owner seems to have used the pochette as a makeup bag I am guessing that the "tacky glue" is actually just clear nail polish...

    I've already posted my problems about partial refunds on the eBay forum and the girls have been very helpful! Now my question to you guys is:

    1. How can I further clean the greasy strap?
    2. Would it be safe to use nail polish remover to clear the nail polish on the inside?
    3. How can I thoroughly clean the inside of the bag to make sure all the makeup is gone but not damage the bag?
    Any advice would be SO great!! I am so sad right now, my first LV ever is sitting in the corner of my bathroom on the floor!! :crybaby: I had to let the shower run a bit so the steam would pull the dusty makeup down.
    TIA!! :tup:
  2. Maybe the Magic Erasers everyone's talking about for the vachetta?

    As for the lining- no idea, I've never owned one that dirty.
  3. I am so sorry for your bad experience. I hope you got this bag for a song! I don't have any advice on the cleanup but I am sure others will chime in very soon!
  4. I don't have any advice for cleaning since that sounds pretty extreme but I hope you didn't leave feedback for the seller yet. I would let the seller know and try to get a full refund.
  5. O NO! I suggest using lots of baby wipes on the inside, it can possibly remove more of the dirt and hair.. as for the strap you can use a Mr.Clean eraser and it should remove any grease from the vachetta.
  6. CAn u post pics?

    Im allergic to tons of stuff too,So I totally sympathize!
  7. I've been using baby wipes and ivory soap on the inside for the past hour or so but there is still more dirty makeup coming out! I am tempted to pour a little water into it add some soap and scrub it that way. It might be a little more effective. Thanks for the advice about the magic marker! I'll definetly pick one up after work tomorrow! Jill, I'll post some pics later. I should have gotten one before I started cleaning but I was absolutely horrified when I saw it! haha
  8. Yup, in extreme cases, I resorted to this too and you know, it works! I've even used Mr. Clean disinfectant that has been diluted with equal parts water. I once got a Trouville that was really messed up like this one. Gave that baby a total bath inside and out. Didn't really have a choice and figured I had nothing to lose. It came up fantastic! Come to think of it, I've done it with a couple of icky Speedy's too. Turned them completely inside out and scubbed. Again, the results were quite impressive. Good Luck!
  9. If the mono pochette strap is beyond repair, you can buy a replacement one.
    I have actually hand "laundered" a few of my mono canvas things (in warm soapy H20), with great results. You may be able to do this, since there's no vachetta except the strap.
  10. definately use the mr. clean magic eraser on the vachetta (leather). do not use nail polish remover on the inside of the bag - this will ruin it. call LV directly and ask to speak with someone who knows how to clean LVs. if it is an authentic LV, you can have it sent in for cleaning, but LV will charge you for this service.

    if you used paypal to purchase the handbag, call them and put in a false advertising claim. tell paypal that the seller misrepresented the item listed therefore tricking you to purchase. paypal will help you get your money back. good luck and i'm sorry this happened to you.
  11. can't you just give it a little bath? Let is soak for a few minutes and rinse it thouroughly. I'm sure the canvas can take this.... I've read about someone who did this to her cles once...
  12. Thanks for the advice! My eyes were killing me last night despite not even being in the same room as the bag anymore so I finally gave up and decided to get it a little wet. I poured about a cup of lukewarm water inside the bag and put a little bit of ivory soap in it. I scrubbed the sides with my fingers a little bit until the water turned brown from dirty makeup!! It was nauseating!!

    I had to repeat this about five or six times before the water started to clear up a bit. It was late so I put the hair dryer on low heat and dried it out. It still has that dirty makeup smell but its definetly helped with the allergies!
  13. I read about this too somewhere... immersed their bag in soapy tepid water and then kept changing the water till it ran clean. I think they very gently scrubbed the entire bag, air dried and deep conditioned.

    If I had no choice and had to keep it, I think I would have to go this route... I don't want even one speck of grease or filth to remain, it sounds so unfortunate but all that stuff is probably caught between the lining and the canvas. The nail polish is probably the least of the concerns... just get rid of the allergens.

    are you allergic to fabric sheets? you could tuck a few wrapped in a handkerchief in the pochette after it's dried... another is to seal it in a box with a bowl of baking soda (separate) for a whole week to absorb the smells.
  14. I am so sorry you are going through this.

    I just returned a limited edition wallet to Hong Kong TODAY -- my first used LV purchase. It smelled so bad of moth balls and I aired it out for a week.

    I am VERY sensitive to smells...just being in the same room as this wallet made me feel sick. I would wash my hands everytime I touched the wallet. I even tried to put a credit card in the wallet but it made my credit card smell foul!

    I have no idea if the seller will issue me a full refund or not, but my eyes watered and stomach turned just being near the wallet. I am so glad it's out of my life now but I can still smell the lingering moth balls in my bedroom.......I am serious!