Advice on choosing an everyday piece, & balancing financial considerations

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  1. I've been trying to decide on a special, durable piece that I can wear everybody. At the moment, I wear my wedding rings and small diamond studs daily, and only take them off to clean or, in the case of the rings, when I'm in the free weight section at the gym. I thought that a nice watch would be the perfect addition, and went to compare the Ballon Bleu and Oyster Perpetual in person. Instead, I ending up trying on a Lady Datejust in TT Everose--big mistake! I absolutely loved it, but it was double the price of what I'd anticipated spending on a Rolex.

    While I have enough money to pay for it, SO and I have so many other short-term and long-term priorities that I'd feel really guilty getting it. I never showed him the watch or the model when I mentioned wanting one, because I didn't want to deal with his reaction. He flips out at the cost of my infrequent haircuts ($120 before tip), even though he's okay spending that on a nice meal, and there's no amount of money that would make him think that it's worth spending that much on a watch, designer bag, denim, etc. (I'm the more frugal when it comes to restaurants).

    We share an account, and he is the primary earner, though I work, am the main caregiver for our child, and have earned enough to afford the watch. I'm in my mid-30s, and feel like I'll have to wait more than two to three decades before the price will ever be justified, namely after our infant and future children are out of college and married. While the pragmatic, sensible part of me agrees with this, another part thinks that there'll never be a "right" time, and that it makes sense to splurge now so that I enjoy wearing it for many years to come.

    Besides the watch, I've considered getting a bangle, something classic and discrete. Maison Birks' flex bracelet is dainty, goes with everything, but also seems a tad on the plain side. No qualms about the price, thanks to the US/CAN exchange rate. I also have had my eye on the thin Cartier Love bracelet, but am not sure how it would hold up to daily wear. There are stories of people randomly losing half their bracelet because of the screws falling out.

    I've also considered getting a small diamond pendant for daily wear, nothing too fancy, just something to augment what is otherwise a fairly casual style.

    Overall, in terms of price, the Rolex is the most expensive, but it seems more justifiable in terms of craft and workmanship. I'm not sure how I'd feel about wearing a TT Everose specifically to the gym, though, whereas I'd be comfortable wearing an SS oyster perpetual. The Cartier bracelet seems really overpriced for what it is, but I like the idea of wearing if for life and adding engravings along the way. I can't do that with the Birks, but the Birks is also half the price of the Cartier.

    What would you choose? For those that splurged much later in life, do you wish you had made the purchase earlier?
  2. for everyday anytime anywhere? and not bothersome to wear? why definitely a cartier love bracelet! u can never go wrong. Its 18k gold, timeless and you can pass it on to your kids. My husband bought me one for my 40th. Its the only piece of jewellry I never take off. I even take off my wedding ring and engagement ring when I'm home lol but my love bracelet never. Definitely a piece that commands that awe and appreciation among luxury and designer affecionados. Hope this helps!
  3. ^Agree - and better still, get preowned if you are not set on something brand new. My Cartier Love cuff was bought secondhand but in lovely condition and with the boxes, certificate etc. I saved well over a third off retail price. I am in my late 30s and wanted to buy myself something which will look just as classic and stylish in 10, 20 years as it does now.
  4. I highly recommend the Rolex datejust because it's something that I use daily. It's a beautiful, durable, subtle piece.

    However, I agree with the poster above. Pre-loved is definitely more practical if you know a reputable seller and aren't opposed to getting it secondhand. Jewelry in general just do not retain value. And while I did get my watch brand new, I knew fully well that I was "overpaying" for it. Also, authorized Rolex retailers make 20-30% on average - so there's room to negotiate, and we were able to waive the tax for my watch.

    As for buying things now vs. later - I have learned settling is not a good idea, as you will still pine for the item you truly want, but that being said, it's best when your DH is 100% on board with it.
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  5. Rolex. It's timeless and holds it's resale very well. I live in southern California and everyone has a love bracelet. It's a bit played out. Everyone also had a Rolex but for some reason it's not seen as trendy right now, like the love is.
  6. I bought a Rolex recently. It’s just beautiful and the craftsmanship is superb. I am in my mid-30s and I figured I’d rather buy it now and enjoy it til I’m an old, old lady. I definitely don’t want to wait for my toddlers to grow up and graduate to buy one!

    I went with stainless with the white gold bezel, as yellow and everrose is not an option in 34mm.

    I would suggest trying a LOT of Rolex watches on over a period of a few months. It took me about a year to find my perfect one.
  7. It really sounds like the Rolex is what you truly want, but if the Love is on your radar, I’ve been wearing mine daily for 10 years, and it still makes me so happy.

    I don’t know if you wear a watch now, but tbh, my Ballon Bleu is my least worn item. I just wear my Apple Watch [emoji355]️
  8. Do you both allow each other discretionary spending? If so, save your portion of spending for what you truly desire. You will acquire what you want bit by bit and he will be on board. Good luck!