advice on Choo Mahala bag...any owners out there? or others seen IRL?

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  1. how is the bag's weight? is it pretty heavy? i have the large ramona and its getting pretty heavy to carry...can someone compare it to another bag such as a heavy bag like marc jacobs blake? i really want this bag and its on sale but don't want to have sale goggles...

    here are some pics of it
  2. Hi,

    I really like that's so gorgeous....I think you should get it.
  3. I've seen it IRL and it's a beautiful bag. The black is very nice if you're looking at net-a-porter. I don't remember how heavy it was as I was never seriously considering buying it. Too expensive then, not looking for a new purse now.
  4. I have the Mahala and the Radiant by Choo,and the Mahala is definitely heavier than the Radiant. The Radiant is similar to the Ramona,so it has a lot of metal trim,so it's kind of odd that the Mahala is heavier.Maybe the metal trim on the Mahala is solid,or of different material.I get a lot of compliments on the Mahala-it's a very distinctive bag,one of my favorite. The Black Mahala is on sale at NAP!! Only place that I've seen it on sale.
  5. I've seen it in person and its a beautiful bag. The only thing I don't like about it is the bottom is soooo wide. It makes it awkward to carry over the shoulder.

    NAP has it on sale for about $1100.