Advice on choice of color

  1. I would love all your input on whether I should buy the Purse in black or lilac. I just bought a dark blue in the day and it is my favorite bag. I have alot of black bags (who doesn't) but am thinking that a black B bag is the classic. But then I am torn cause it seems what makes them so special is the gorgeous colors limited by year. Also, sometimes the characteristics of leather sometimes aren't shown off as well in black. Comments?
  2. black bbag is a classic, but you can always get.... while with the different colors, you have limited availability. if i were you, i would get colors..... but it is your call.... good luck and let us know what you decide.
  3. Go for the Black Purse. I have seen it in person and it looks great in this style and Purse will be discontinued soon. Lilac is little too veiny, unless you like the veiny look. Good Luck!:flowers:
  4. Go for the lilac as black is ALWAYS available! I dream of lilac...
  5. I would get lilac...if you already have a lot of black bags, you should throw in a lilac bag! It's such a pretty color!
  6. thanks all for your input. My blue bag is veiny and if I got the black, I would prefer it to be not so veiny. For those of you who have ordered from Aloha Rag, can you tell them what you want (thick as possible, not veiny) and get it? Or do you think with the variations, I should really pick it out in person?
  7. Most SAs are pretty good about picking bags according to your description. Some key words would be non-veiny, matte, smooth, etc. Hope this helps!
  8. Do you think they would say that they don't have one that meets your description? Just send you the best that they had?

    I've read about the quality of the leather getting worse over the last few years. Have you seen the black this year? Thank you so much for your help.
  9. I recently got a lilac hook and I love the color. Try the lilac!
    photos 195.jpg
  10. that's beautiful - I guess it is much more eye catching than a black. Do you think it will be hard to keep clean?
  11. I agree.
  12. I slept on this and after reading everyone's helpful input, I am going with the black purse and hoping to rely on AR's Jumpei for choosing the right one. I am so appreciative of all your help - it is a wonderful place to ask questions to people who know what they are talking about and who are just as crazy as I am. Wish me luck!
  13. since you already have lots of black/dark-colored bags, i'd say go for the lilac. an adiitional push is the fact that it wont be around forever, while the black always will. i think that would be the more practical choice. now if you wanna splurge a bit, buy the lilac first, then buy the black soon after :graucho: then you'll be super satisfied!! ;) :shame:
  14. ikaesmallz,
    you are so bad - just like me. I was thinking the same thing. THe lilac is so beautiful. I am a little worried about it getting dirty. However, I hear the purse is going to be discontinued and I would like the black in that as a basic. Do you or anyone else know if and when the purse will be no longer available?
    I am not sure I should be thanking you for spurring on my addiction, but thank you.
  15. lilac