Advice on Chloe Bay Messenger/Sachel

  1. I'm thinking I need a handy but stylish messenger style bag for the Autumn/Winter, as I have no hands free when pushing my two boys about in the buggy!

    Has anyone seen the Bay messenger style bag available anywhere in the UK? They call it the "sachel" on Preferably in black. Is there anyone who owns this style that can give me advice about how big/heavy it is?

    Or any other ideas of bags that I can wear messenger style?

    Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. I amsure that I tried the bag on in SElfridges in a deep brown colour. It was really nice, but I didnt like the chain that goes across the front. Matches also has the bag in the LookBook section, but maybe in stock already if you look at the website. Good Luck
  3. I have a Bay Messenger in Moka, and I just love it to death! I have theree little ones so it definitely comes in handy. It's extremely light and I find even when stuffed full of bits and pieces and shopping, it still feels like I'm carrying nothing at all (unlike the Paddy). I highly recommend them to Mums of little ones! :graucho:

    I'm not sure where you could find one now though. I think the one at Matches that Lolas Angel is referring to is actually a new style Paddy Capsule messenger. I saw it on their website last week and thought it looked divine, but too similar to my Bay Messenger to consider for now. :push:

    How are you going with your mini shoulder Paddy? ;)
  4. Oh Nelstar thats really useful to know! Have you posted a piccie of your Bay Messenger before on the site so I can have a look?

    I've had a look at the new style paddington messenger on Matches - it's gorgeous, but somehow I am more drawn to the Bay messenger. Maybe it will grow on me.......

    My mini paddie shoulder has had one outing so far, I'm keeping her for evenings out only really, but lots coming up in the social calendar to show her off! I'm really pleased with it, no regrets at all.
  5. Sorry, I haven't posted any pics of my Chloe bags here yet. (Had camera trouble for a while, but it looks to be fixed now. I didn't want to bug hubby too much about the camera in case he wonders why I want to take photos of bags! :graucho: ) I hope to get some pics done in the next week or so.

    I'm definitely considering the black shoulder Paddy. I think I "need" a smaller bag!
  6. Hee hee yes I know what you mean. I told a bit of a whopper to my hubbie about the shoulder paddie - I said it was last season and in the sale....... is it a necessary evil??
  7. Thanks for this. I did spot this and thought it was perfect because I would actually prefer a black one. But I'm not sure I would order from NM because of the duty I would have to pay at this end......Looking for a bit of a deal as always!
  8. Oh yes...bags are always bought on sale with a "fabulous deal" as far as hubby is concerned! :graucho: :p