Advice on caring for sponge leather

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  1. Any tips on looking after sponge leather?

    I've hear conflicting stories about it not being robust and prone to scratching whilst other sources have said that is very durable eg in the rain.

    I haven't treated my mabel yet and was wondering if I should.

    HAs any one got any experience to impart? Cheers
  2. This is a very good question, I'd be very interested in the replies you get as I have a shoulder mabel in spongey leather and would love to know how best to care for it.
  3. I think it's depends on the colour actually, mine is Lipstick and never babied but totally fine, in the rain or shine. So I say mine is very durable donkey bag. Seem to remember black was discussed as easily scratched??

    Perhaps lighter the colour, easier to care in Spongy case???.... Having said that, some Butterscotch owner was worried about colour transfer, can't remember if there was problem actually though... Since Mabel (& Mabel hobo) are not messenger, it doesn't rub against jeans.
  4. Both my Mabels in SL went back to Mulberry for full refund.

    Black peeled/flaked & the Pink discoloured.

    My friend loves her Bscotch but shes perm cleaning it.
  5. I have a burnt orange Daria satchel in soft spongy leather and haven't treated her with anything. Add to that fact that I've also been caught in the rain where she wasn't fully covered by a brolly.. and she's perfect! No cracking, scratching or peeling.
  6. I think someone had a problem with their orange daria peeling as well. But maybe this is all to do with batches of leather? I can honestly say that my daria pewter tote hasn't peeled yet whilst others have.

    I might be lucky
  7. I have never treated either of my Daria bags (mouse grey & ink blue) & have not had any problems with them. Well, not in that way anyway. Instead, the leather that makes up the loop that attaches to the gold ring that holds on the handle, has split & the inking has come off :rolleyes: Have sent a suitably pissed off email to Mulberry & blue one has gone back for repair!
  8. I should add that mouse grey went back in the summer .. they sent me a replacement bag. Hmm. I am not sure I even want to use it now - given that my 2nd Daria has the same fault. Pissed off ..?? Me?? Slightly!
  9. Saw an Orange Daria Hobo in Regent st yesterday - the contents were bulging and there was close to a hole appearing. Very disappointing I thought,