advice on caring for ostrich

  1. Ok ladies as most of you know that I have been blessed with a wonderful Hubby that just gave me a beautiful 30cm vert anis ostrich birkin. Never in my widlest dream did I ever think I was going to have an Ostrich birkin . . . so needless to say I do not know squat about caring for this new beautiful bag. I need you guys to tell me what I need to know

    Will it hold shape?
    Is this leather delicate?
    Will it hold shape?
    What happens with rain?

    Blah blah blah . . . all advice is needed and appreciated

  2. i don't have any ostrich, but from what i remember, i think it handles rain pretty well...rain does not leave spots behind like it would on other leathers.
  3. It holds its shape.. yes!
    The leather is not delicate per say..but try not to use the bag as EVERYDAY bag in humid/hot weather since continuing to do that in the long run will lead to discoloration.. some of which can be handled by SPA but not everything..if there's very dark spots..or say handles (from hand sweat in hot weather)..then these spots are very difficult to take care of.
    It can handle rain.. just wipe it problem!!

    I hope that helps!
  4. i have heard that there was a lady with an ostrich bag who used too much hand lotion and it turned the handles of her bag fairly beware of too much hand lotion!
  5. I have heard that it is best to keep ostrich out of the sun if possible, as it can cause fading.
  6. True about the sun and true about the hand lotion. I'd let the craftsmen handle this one though. This is one I wouldn't use the shoe polish on because it would probably darken it.
  7. C - congrats again on the new beautiful ostrich vert anis birkin!

    ostrich leather handles water very well. if accidents do happen, just quickly wipe any liquid off with a dry napkin and it will be spotless. also, be careful with the ostrich "eye" or "bulbs", sometimes they peel if it rubs on any hardware. i had mine sent to Manuela for repair last year. the leather maintains it's shape very well. it's a little rigid and that's why it holds it's shape nicely!
  8. I have a cognac ostrich Kelly , I remember when wearing it for the first time to London, having got of the tube in Kensington into torrential rain total panic
    The bag changed color I thought ohhhhhhhh no its destroyed!

    However ten minutes later it was all dryed out! whew relief however I visited Hermes sloane street and was told of because it was not wearing its rain coat,
    so I would suggest carrying the rain coat within if you are unsure of what the weather is going to do

    Also the handle has changed color somewhat just from hand perspiration but unless your going to wear gloves I dont see how that can be stopped

    My specialist says it does change color with time and that all adds to the bag

    Please only allow Hermes to polish the bag dont go putting stuff on it, it will get destroyed, also Hermes can refuse to spa bags if they have been tampered with

    Congrats on the bag and what a fantastic husband am envious I cant find one!!

    he he he

  9. thank you all!!!!! I will feel much more comfortable carrying my bag now that I have gotten some advice from the pro's on tPF
  10. No advice -- just wistful jealousy of your bag and DH!! LOL
  11. love it to death!!!! I find ostrich to be very hearty...and yes it is not friendly with handcreams lol....but that is part of it - we must deal!! It is a work of art and must be loved...end of ostrich story!
  12. I am learning alot about ostrich from all of you ladies. It seems to me, that ostrich is not for the faint-hearted. And definitely not for those who expect their ostrich bags to look pristine. Discolouration is a foregone conclusion, and no amount of spa can remove discolouration. It sounds like it is the natural behaviour of ostrich.

    This is definitely a note even to myself as I am considering an ostrich H bag. It won't be any time soon, so unless I accept it in my head what I can accept to happen on an ostrich bag, I would hesitate to take the plunge.

    FleurDeLis, you just received your beautiful vert anis ostrich. It must be hard for you thinking about discolouration so early at this stage. If I find myself in your shoes, I will buy 2 twillies and wrap them over the handles .... It surely cannot stop the darkening handles forever, but it sure can delay the process for some significant amount of time.
  13. Ostrich is great with water - water may leave a damp spot initially but dries off without a mark. Oil stains are a different issue - make sure the bag is away from the table or covered with napkins...
  14. I agree. The main thing to watch with ostrich birkins and matte croc birkins are the handles. They tend to discolor due to handling/oil from our hands. So, a couple of twillies is the best solution.

    Also, do watch out for slight fading. This occurs with light colored exotics (matte crocs and ostrich) when exposed to prolonged sunlight.

    Other than that, enjoy your new birkin!
  15. Didn't want to start a new thread. But for those of you who have had ostrich bags for a while, have you noticed very obvious fading in colour? I am SO-ing an ostrich bag but after reading some threads, I am really worried about the colour fading. I mean the colour of the bag's body, not the darkering of the handles. I know I will use twillies on this the handles. But the body of the bag will lighten? Would Hermes not treat this issue with re-colouring via SPA? I am very worries please if anybody can provide some information, it will be much appreciated! TIA a million!