advice on care + feeding of HH chalk bags

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  1. this question has been asked on many forums, but has never been answered - so i thought i'd bubble it up to the top.

    i'm interested in buying an HH bag in their gorgeous white chalk hue, but i'm wondering how difficult it would be to keep clean and protected.

    does anyone else have an HH bag in the chalk hue, or another white leather bag? how do you take care of it?

    thanks for your help, ladies :flowers:
  2. The leather on most of these HH bags is a washed leather... it's very soft and supple, but also absorbent.. it will probably pick up dirt quite easily... it seems like a high maintenance color.. and probably would pick up denim rub off too.
  3. I never had any problem with my HH Mercer satchel in Chalk picking up or showing dirt, and I've even travelled with it. But I'm careful with my light colored bags and don't set them down on dirty floors, etc.

    BTW, the Chalk is a fantastic color that goes with everything!
  4. I just received my chalk lorca today. Love the color. I'm just gonna try to be really careful with it. Maybe I could check the HH site about care for their handbags.
  5. I've taken my Lorca flap in chalk out a few times, and I haven't noticed anything that is on it at all. I realize that a few times doesn't constitute a theme, though, so I'm looking forward to any answers.
  6. I think this is not the case for all the leather they use. They describe bags made of this kind of leather 'garment washed leather'. If there is no such description it is not.

    From my experience, the luggage color is the one that needs most attention. It's sort of 'naked' and yes, it's absorbent, and super soft too. A little delicate in my opinion. I first got a Lorca Luxe in luggage, and found some tiny cut before any use....but my Nico and Mercer satchel in luggage are great! I guess it's because of the heavier lining on those two models.

    I received my three bags in chalk yesterday and the leather does not seem fragile at all to me. I won't feel pressured to give it extra care, :P
  7. I have a Nico in poppy and the leather seems high maintenance, so logic would only tell me that the white would be worse...

    I was just guessing... Let us know how the white leather holes up! :smile:
  8. First I need to admit that I made some inaccurate statement - HH describes their Mercer collection as 'made of garment washed leather', which includes Mercer Clutch, Mercer Satchel, Salina Pouch, and Nico XX. So now I think these models are all made of garment washed leather, even though their titles on the website don't always include those key words. My apologies for the previous presumption!:shame:

    Then, here is my personal experience: I have bags from the Mercer collection in the following colors: black, luggage, and chalk. And I had the chance of handling a Salina pouch in currant. It's true that the leather is soft in all colors, but different colors do have different textures. The black and chalk colors are not as absorbent as luggage, and the currant is in the middle. In fact, I would say the black and chalk colors seem to have heavier 'protection' on the surface, which could well be a result of different dying procedures. I started carrying my Mercer satchel in chalk as soon as I received it. And, no problem at all so far, :yes:

    Finally, can you please describe the poppy red color a little bit more, Luna? I've been considering a bag in red for some time, but the currant color was too maroon like. Does the poppy red have some orange hue in it in real life? Thanks a lot!
  9. ^^ Poppy is definitely more of a coral color... not so much red. :smile: