Advice on buying

  1. So where's the best place to get a Bbag?
  2. The Balenciaga stores, if you don't mind paying retail! It's the full B-experience.
  3. Depends. Where do you live?
  4. I'm in Phoenix, Arizona.
  5. I think Neiman Marcus sells them in Phoenix. NOw that the Achtung board is gone, I guess we don't have a list of stores anymore. Can anyone comment on this?
  6. ^:sad:
  7. So basically you can't really buy these bags online (except eBay). Crazy!
  8. Has anyone ever bought one in Amsterdam at Van Ravenstein? Do they order in bags for you? thanks
  9. I would recommend calling Balenciaga directly since you will receive free shipping and no tax charged on your purchase since there is no Balenciaga store in AZ. On a $1300 bag, tax can add up quite quickly.

    I suggest you go look at the bags at NM and decide which color and style you want and give Balenciaga a call with your exact requirements on the bag.

    If you are going to get it full priced, why not save a few bucks?
  10. You can also order from Aloha Rag. I just placed my third order with them and they try to honor your leather requests. I prefer them to Bal NY because you can get a refund (minus a $50 restocking fee) instead of a store credit only if you dislike the bag/color that you get.
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    iluvhangbags - Is that a Ruby King Charles in your pic? I have a Ruby and a Blenheim!
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