Advice on buying Seven For All Mankind from Canada

  1. Hello! Long time lurker, first time thread poster.

    I live in shopping oblivion in eastern Canada. For anything good I have to drive 10+ hours to Montreal or cross the border and hit the outlets across New England. This is something I can rarely do so most of my shopping is done online.

    I've been trying to get some new jeans and wanted to try some new-to-me brands like Seven For All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, and J Brand. The problem is I am having a hard time getting them online from somewhere that will a) ship to Canada b) preferably be available on sale because paying regular retail just goes against every fibre of my being. A lot of places that do ship to Canada charge outrageous shipping, but I am getting desperate just to find anyone. I think ordering through Bloomingdales by phone is my only option at this point.

    I'm a huge eBayer but I feel I need to know the products well enough before I venture that route (unless anyone can reccomend some tried and tested sellers). Help! For here I suffer in a sea of Gap and Levis :p
  2. Dailydenim and JudynJacob are both eBay retailers that sell authentic denim and sell to Canada. You can often snag great deals under them, depending on the brand and'll often see some of their auctions end as low as $30! Good luck!
  3. If you know the style, you can always order through Holts as well. It's too bad that they don't have one local for you since they also do free hemming (you could always ask via the phone if they would hem it to a certain length for you).
  4. Avoid Aritizia -- they have a huge selection of denim and other cute and luxurious clothes, but their mark-up is staggering! My hometown is only about thirty minutes away from the Canadian border so I always go shopping in Vancouver every year and feel bad when I see people paying $300 for a pair of jeans that are only $170 in the US! It's too bad that you have to drive so far to get to the US since the exchange rate is so much in your favor right now.

    Try shopping at Great customer service, huge selection, and extremely fair shipping prices; orders less than $100 to Canada are free, and if you want your stuff faster, you can pay $20 for USPS Global Express Mail. You can read about their shipping policy here.

    And you can use code jt for an extra 15% off (some brand exclusions apply). Happy shopping!
  5. i agree revolve clothing is the best for buying denim online. they ship to canada for free and they ship usps, so you rarely get charged duty. they also have coupon codes on all the time or they match other retailers codes up to 30%. sorry to hear the shopping is so bad in saint's not the same in halifax. you could also try coming to halifax for weekend to shop - most designer denim brands are readily available.
  6. Agreed! These two are on my favorite seller's list.
  7. I don't think Revolve ships SFAM to Canada.

    They're the best option though. Maybe you can ship to a family member in the U.S.