Advice on bringing a kitten into this situation?

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  1. My beloved 10yr old cat passed away last Dec, in January we adopted (when I say we I mean my parents) a 9yr old Turkish Van female. While she is a nice cat, she is not my sort of cat. She originally belonged to an older lady, and is very attached to my parents. I'd like to get a kitten, however when we first got Stormy (my 10yr old who passed away) our first cat Paddy reacted very badly and left the house, and my parents eventually had to have him put down as he became feral and attacked the stupid people who were feeding him (I blame them for him leaving).

    My Dad adores Baby (our adopted girl) and is very concerned she will do the same thing. I don't agree as she has a very different personality. I asked our vet and he seemed to think it was fine, but when we first took Baby for a trial we were told she had not gotten along with existing cats in the household she was first placed in. I thought it would be okay as a kitten will learn to be the second in line cat so to speak.

    Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? Thank you :smile:
  2. I would be worried incase it all turned out badly. We took in a cat (not a kitten) seven years ago and my original cat still isnt happy with him, even though he keeps out of her way most of the time. There are occassions if he gets just that little bit too close she will lash out. But thats all she does, theres no fighting or no major drama, on the whole they cohabit reasonably well.

    Is there anyway you can maybe foster a kitten for a while just to see how that goes especially since your cat has prior history of not getting on with other cats.
  3. Our vet who we adopted her from (her owner died in palliative care and they kept her while trying to adopt her out) said that in her first placement they had been fully grown adult cats (established hierarchy perhaps?) so I think that was a problem. She is definitely the alpha pet in our household (we have two dogs as well). Our vet said she'd be fine with a kitten given it'd learn it wasn't boss.

    I am getting a rescue kitten (that's the plan) so I'll definitely be letting them know we'd like to do a trial (if that's okay with them). Thank you for your advice :smile:
  4. Your welcome, keep me updated on how it goes, may be useful for future reference :graucho:
  5. Cats are very territorial. I've read that it's best to introduce a new cat/kitten slowly when you already have one cat. Maybe keep the new cat in one room for a while, and let Baby get used to the idea there is a newbie is in the house, while allowing the newbie to see this is Baby's world she's entering.

    Let us know how it goes.
  6. Alfie, our kitten joined the household on wednesday, so far he and Baby are coping with each other. They are kept separate (he's only 650grams so Baby would monster him in a second) but she's seen him through the glass. She did the usual hiss and growl. He seems to adore her, purrs and tail erect and happy (this will probably change once he's big enough to 'meet' her properly).

    Baby is pissed off with me particularly, but she still purrs and lets me pick her up when she feels like it, so far things seem to be going well *fingers crossed* I'll keep you updated :smile:
  7. the older the cat, the harder it is to introduce someone new.... sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and unfortunately it didn't the first time. the same thing happened when i was younger. we brought in a kitten and one of our older cats was just not having it... stopped using the litter box and just became a grump. thankfully my mom worked for a vet so that cat because the new vet office cat (and oddly enough she loved it and didn't mind being around other strange cats). once we say she was ok at the vet we tried to bring her back home but she started acting up again. she lived out the rest of her life as a happy office cat :smile:

    i have 4 cats, my most recent introduction was 3-4 years ago - my oldest cat was SO mad, he wouldn't even let me come near him. he practically lived in the basement for 2 weeks and then finally came around.

    it just takes some time :smile: good luck!