Advice on Botkier Triggers in Bronze

  1. I'm interested in getting a Botkier Trigger Medium in Bronze.
    Yes - I'm late to the party. But there hasn't been anything that's really stood out for me lately and I keep going back to it. I can't get my hands on one to look at it in real life so I'm relying on my fellow TPF'ers for feedback!

    What's the leather like? Is it different than the non-metallic leathers?
    Is it really heavy - or lighter than regular Triggers? (From pictures, it looks thinner than a leather in Ecru or Hazelnut - but who can tell from a picture?)

    I don't really want a really heavy bag. I need something for everyday - and I thought this colour would suit pretty much everything. Also - is medium too small for a gal that likes a lot of room?

    Any advice and feedback would be very much appreciated. And if anyone can post pictures of theirs - that would be really helpful!