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Yay or nay?

  1. Yes - it's awesome

  2. No - it's too trendy or not worth it

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  1. Any thoughts on this? I love that it's edgy, large, beautiful color... but what's the real deal on Botkier (aside from the view that it resembles Balenciaga).
    Durability? Style?
    botkier smallstirrup_metallic_branday_mix_01.jpg botkier smallstirrup_metallic_branday_mix_03.jpg botkier smallstirrup_metallic_branday_mix_02.jpg
  2. I like it. I don't own a Botkier (yet) but have only heard good things about them like the lining, leather and workmanship are all excellent.
  3. Thanks tonij. I just don't understand WHY It's ONLY $278 (that includes shipping!) at Diabro! Here are the details below. Is there something wrong??? Why such a LOW price???

    Metallic Brandy
    100% Calf Leather
    -This signiture BOTKIER stirrup handbag featuring zip detailing, leather zip pulls and an adjustable shoulder strap
    -Hand made from a soft, grained, calf leather
    -Made in NYC

    28 - 41
  4. I have the studded stirrup in white and love it. Love the color in your pic as well, is that suede? Just a warning though, not sure what you consider large, but to me this is a small ladies-who-lunch bag. Note the dimensions on the bag, it's only about 2" deep, which really makes the interior kinda small.
  5. I'm assuming you trust the authenticity of the items on the website. The price looks like a sale price, the regular prices on these bags are around $600. It also looks like a fall color to me, which might explain the off-season price.
  6. jainevs - thanks for your response! in inches, it's about 14L x 11H x 2D, correct??? did you also pay about that much, or is this majorly reduced? how long have you had yours? I'm stunned by the price! :nuts:
  7. lots of tPFers endorse diabro. does the leather scratch easily? is it fragile? i think you're right about it being fall color, but i've ALWAYS wanted an orange-y type purse!!!
  8. Those dimensions you have there look about right to me. I just find that it's often the depth of the bag that makes it a small or large bag to me and I consider 2" to be small. I got mine on sale at Bergdorf I think and still paid over $300, so that price is great. I looked at the close-ups of the leather on diabro and it looks similar to mine. Mine is a nice thick sturdy, slightly pebbled leather, no babying necessary, except for the normal carefullness that white bags entail. I say go for it, it's a gorgeous bag at a great price.
  9. Thanks Janinevs!!! I agree w/ you about the width making for a big or small bag. I'm constantly using my chloe medium choco paddy w/ front pocket and it's huge in depth as well as length and height- which i love - but I'd like to alternate with a bag that hugs in closer to my body, too. Did you treat the leather on your botkier? I love the price, too! Esp. since the color's perfect, the details are phenomenal and bbags are way more $$$! Hmmm.. why is it that botkier isn't as popular?
  10. I think the reason it is so inexpensive is that Botkier hasn't made that line in a couple of seasons. I think it is a great bag and very versatile. I have a few botkiers and if I get another one it would definitely be the stirrup.
  11. I haven't voted because I don't think it is awesome but I don't think it is a waste of money either - sorry to be so literal, but to me this is a sharp style in a versatile colour that looks like i would be a great daily bag but doesn't make my heart sing. Sorry, that's not much help is it?
  12. creighbaby - how reassuring - thanks for taking the time to comment!
  13. I don't treat the leather on my bags. I get them professionally cleaned if necessary.
  14. Miss Sooky - you're a BIG help, really! I do appreciate your honest comments. Thank you!

    I really dig this stirrup because I'm starting to fill my bag collection with some fun and edgy-looking arm candy! I'm 38 and have lots of boring square bags in standard black, brown and cream so I think this Botkier might qualify for fun and edgy, along with my choco paddy!