advice on booties

  1. I really love the look of booties in the store but I am not sure what I would wear them with. I haven't bought them yet but I am thinking about it. I am 5 ft 2 so wearing them with skirts or dresses makes me look a little "stubby". Wearing them with pants is an option but you can't see the full bootie under wide legs.
    Any suggestions?

    Also, are they too trendy to invest in some that are a little on the pricey side? Being that they aren't a standard stilletto heel or pump, I am not sure how long they will be around.

  2. I purchased these in dark brown. I tried them on with some dresses I have and they look great. They also work well with jeans also. I like these because they are actually below your ankle.
  3. They look great with leggings and tights!
  4. Booties are a must-have this season. They are super cute with babydoll and trapeze dresses, with or without leggings & tights. These are my absolute favorites from Modern Vintage.

  5. I like the way they look with skinny jeans, with a skirt or dress, with or without tights. With tights it kind of looks like an extension to the shoe. I'm short so I don't wear with leggings. It makes my legs like to stubby.
  6. Im wearing my brown patent booties right now. I have on black dress pants, patent black belt, brown long sleeve blouse and a sweater coat.

    I plan on wearing them with short dresses (wearing tights of course) but for now, that I am at work I wear them with pants.
  7. what a nice heels.. cute! :biggrin: i like to pair them with skirt..
  8. I just bought these two weeks ago!! I love them!! I love the hidden platform--the heel is also so unique and the shoe is overall so comfy! how do you wear yours? I've been trying the tights, short sweater dress combo.
  9. I'm having the same debate. Does everyone find themselves wearing brown or black booties more?
  10. i love black booties with black tights - makes my legs look much longer than they really are due to the illusion of leg extension they create...