Advice on birthday present

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  1. My birthdays coming up and I want to ask for jewellery.

    I like simple silver jewellery and like Tiffany and Links of London especially.

    It needs to be $155 (£100) - $232 (£150) can anyone give me any ideas?

  2. What do you already have?
  3. I have a tiffany silver bracelet and a silver Links of London sweetie bracelet.

    I thought maybe a long necklace or I'd like another bracelet that I could wear every day....
  4. My suggestions for you:

    Tiffany Vintage Oval Key-

    Tiffany 1837 Interlocking Circles-

    Tiffany Peretti Med Quad-

    Tiffany Picasso Loving Heart-

    Tiffany Peretti Round-
  5. Do you like the Tiffany keys necklaces? They're in that range in silver and look great.
  6. Tiffany Bean or Floating Heart pendant

    The Tiffany Ball Stud earrings
  7. Elsa Peretti Initials necklace
    Paloma's Dove necklace
    Tiffany Bow pendant
    Tiffany 1837 Interlocking Circles pendant
    Tiffany Keys
  8. Thanks for these suggestions guys, I think I might like a bracelet better than a necklace, any ideas on what bracelet I could get...?
  9. Please visit the Tiffany Website.There is a section titled 'Gifts'.Just choose your price range and numerous options will come up.
  10. Tiffany notes tag bracelet or Tiffany bead bracelet
  11. Yeh i love the Tiffany bead bracelet - Ive thought about getting it for ages. Only thing that puts me off is that I see quite a few people in it....
  12. My advice: Buy what you love!