Advice on Betsey Johnson bag

  1. Hi all,

    So an outlet near me has several Betsey Johnson bags (which I love generally and already own a couple) for really reasonable prices but I can't decide which I want. Any advice? My favorites are below:

    They have this one for $80:
    Betsey Johnson Handbags Garter Girl Lg Top Zip Hobo (Black) - Betsey Johnson Handbags Women's Collection

    This one in the color shown or black like the one above for $70:
    Betsey Johnson Handbags Garter Girl Top Zip (Saddle) - Betsey Johnson Handbags Women's Collection

    This one in a gold (that is much less shiny than the black, ironically) for $70:
    Betsey Johnson Handbags Garter Girl Top Zip (Saddle) - Betsey Johnson Handbags Women's Collection

    They also had 2 velvety ones (medium sized) with worn straps and metallic jangles (very sig Betsey) that were carried across the body - one was plaid and one was black. I was sort of drawn to the plaid for no good reason but can't find online pics. These were only $50 each but I can't find online picks (like the others, they were actual BJ NOT Betseyville).

    I know Betsey is not everyone's cup of tea but I am hoping that I am not the only one who loves her on this site and that someone else with a Betsey fetish can give me some input before all of them are gone before I buy any.
  2. I like them both but if I had to choose I would get the black - wish I had an outlet like that here .... I'm REALLY liking the black - especially for that price!!
  3. Wow thats a good deal. I like the black one as well.

    You're not the only one here that likes Betsey bags. I have the cherry pom hobo and I love it.
  4. I like Betsey too (have a distressed pink leather bag that I LOVE)! I vote for the black- it's a little less busy and won't look outdated later IMO...but for those prices you may wanna get them both :smile:
  5. I like them..I'd get both. :smile:
    I have the Betseyville Jetsetter weekender bag and love I'm making my way into Betsey bags as well lol.
  6. Those are cheap!! And very cute. Love the black one.
  7. Cuuuute! I like those bags!
  8. i like the first one and a great price!
  9. Loving the black hobo and what a great price!
  10. Thanks for all of the advice. Glad to see that I am not the only fan. I hope the black one is still hanging out there after work today. That's where I was leaning as well. I may also grab the plaid one that I couldn't find a picture of. With minimalism and grunge both creeping back this fall, I think it could make me less bored with a minimalist look (okay, it would make the look no longer minimalist but it would make me happy) and plaid always goes with grunge - although I will probably be doing more of the layers and chunky sweaters instead of busting out all the flannels I have in the back of my closet from high school in the early 90s.

    Also, I LOVE that hobo Karla. I will definitely be stalking the Betsey section of the outlet for it.
  11. I LOVE Betsey Johnson bags , they are so cute - and affordable . I have a really huge one w/ velvet whipstitching and two front pockets and a buckle/magnet flap . It's lined with black fabric and hot pink rosebuds - but the best part is I have an umbrella , bra and panties in the same rosebud fabric , all Betsey Johnson ! So cute . I think the name of the purse is "whip it" , not sure .

    Oh I like the first one . For me , bigger is almost always better !
  12. These are great! I have a 'lucky star' small black bag

    I couldnt find the exact one, sorry. This is a cross body style in brown, but mine is a small black flap bag with a chain strap and is SO great for going out, drinks, etc! But the star studs decor is the same and super cute!!
  13. They had that one as well! I was thinking about it. I think that it was somewhere inbetween $70-90 but I can't remember for sure. I have so many going out bags that I wanted one that was a little more versatile but don't think I wasn't tempted.
  14. Jillian, Did you get it? Need pics!