Advice On Bank Transfer As Payment??

  1. I have a couple of bags ending in a day or two (listed before learning about the "Worldwide Strike", sorry) in which I only accept Paypal. However I just received this question from a potential bidder:
    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]i do not have a pay pal account, have problem in activating it right
    now, as i just registered in (earlier on it was not supported from the
    country where i come from), hence i am wondering whether you
    would accept bank transfer? thanx... i am really interested in
    bidding either the ivory or brown prada nappa bowler.

    I have never had any experience with a bank transfer and don't even know how it works. Does anyone have any experience with bank transfers as payment and should I allow her to bid or are there issues with them? I need to answer her fairly soon, so any advice would be greatly appreciated! :shrugs:
  2. I don't have any experience, if you have good feedcack why don't you ask the buyer if they can consider western union or moneygram? You only have to give your full name city and state. I really don't like all my personal information for a bank transfer after all the scams going on.
  3. Bank transfers are absolutely safe. In fact, because the money is deposited directly into your account, you do not have to worry about paypal or credit card charge backs. My bank charges a minimal fee to accept international wire transfers, however, it was significantly less than what paypal charges.

    Your bank will be able to tell you what information they need to receive the transfer, and your buyer will need to receive information from bank requires account name, address, phone number, bank routing number, swift code (for international transactions) as well as bank address and phone number.

    Others my suggest you need to worry about providing your personal bank information to a stranger. Don't worry. You are protected thru your bank. And if you are truly worried, you might want to open a new account specifically to accept the wire transfer.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
  4. Wonderful!! Thank you so much.......I will let her know to go ahead and "bid away!"...:yes:

  5. You're welcome. Good Luck :smile:
  6. Wire transfers are the best form of payment for a seller in my opinion.
  7. Agree with the above. Bank Wire is the best payment method for sellers. Just check with your bank for the money wire instructions. You will also need to provide the buyer your name and account number, but it is absolutely safe. Congratulation, and good luck!
  8. I will only accept bank transfers from buyers that do not have a confirmed shipping address when l sell worldwide - there is no risk of a chargeback and as was posted above the bank charges are considerably less than Paypals charges.

    The most important thing is to communicate with your buyer - as some are sceptical about giving Paypal their details. Good luck with your sale.
  9. I just found out that my bank only charges $12 or $15 for the transfer. Much LESS money than Paypal fees on an expensive bag!