Advice on bag to buy for ~$1000

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  1. Hello everyone!
    I have recently been given $1000 to spend on a bag for my 25th birthday and I really wanted to hear if people had any advice or recommendations for a classic bag that I should splurge on. My current collection isn't too big, I have several Kate Spades, two Longchamp Le Pliage, a Marc Jacobs quilted cross-body bag and a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Satchel.

    I'd really appreciate any advice :smile:
    Am currently in love with ...
  2. I think you should get the Burberry if you love it.
  3. The Burberry bag is very pretty! The Gucci Disco bag is a very popular choice for this price point, you can check it out to see if it suits you.
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  4. I like the Burberry you posted. I would also recommend the Gucci disco. All leather and a classic style yet modern.
  5. If you are willing to wait for the twice a year sale, Burberry and Gucci (along with many other brands) will have 30-50% off. Usually they are seasonal colors but I have snagged some great deals that way.You can definitely find bags to fit your budget during those sales.
  6. Thanks for the advice! And the Gucci bag is gorgeous, thanks for pointing it out.
    applecidered, when is the twice a year sale?
  7. Sales are usually in Nov/Dec and May/June...
  8. I'm going to say the Gucci Disco as well for the price point and it is a classic all leather bag. For that price you can get a classic colour disco like red or black. Seasonal colours usually go on sale so if you want a fun coloured bag and don't mind waiting, you can try to snag one on sale.
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  9. I'd recommend Gucci disco. I think it'll be quite versatile and it's a great small bag.
  10. I recommend the Gucci Disco. I had a Burberry like that and although I think it is beautiful, I realized how easily the "canvas?" material is to stain so I couldn't enjoy using it so I sold it.
  11. Pre owned Fendi 2jours.
  12. Love the pink of the Burberry satchel but not the about this Proenza Mini Lux? I like how modern it looks.
  13. if you subscribe to their email you'll get notified on their sales :smile: and yes the other responses are correct once in spring and once in fall! including those iconic trenches!