Advice on anniversary presents?

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  1. Hi all... so at the end of the month my BF and I will celebrate our 5th anniversary :love: and I'm having a bit of a hard time trying to figure out what to get him. I have two things in mind... either a new mp3 player or a nice watch. However, bf is not the watch wearing type, but he said he would wear one from me.

    Any thoughts/suggestions? I think we're just going to do dinner at our fave restaurant and skip the big fancy dinner/hotel this year.

    Thanks all!
  2. I always have the same problem. I have been with my DH for over 20 so we have bought each other everything and it is so hard to shop for each other. For our anniversary last month I bought him an Iphone (which he returned and is waiting for the next gen to come out) then I got him an LV Damier 6 key holder to match his wallet. He really loves it.

    So I suggest a nice wallet or key ring. Before the Damier he had a Tiffany's keyring which are always nice.

    You mentioned an MP3 player now that Apple just put out the Itouch that would be a great gift also, as long as he does not have tons of music. I think the largest Itouch is only 16Gigs.

    Oh yeah
  3. Hm, as for the wallet, I got him a nice wallet for his 21st. Plain, black Coach leather.

    Guys are so hard. He has everything, and something he doesn't have he could easily afford, which is what makes this so hard.

    Thank you!
  4. What are his interests/hobbies?
  5. sports, sports, and more sports. his family holds season tickets to the majority of the pro sports teams here in the bay area.