Advice on an Ink City

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  1. So I've fallen in love with the Ink City. I know this is a very popular bag and they're very hard to find. I have an opportunity to buy one that's in very good, but noticeably used condition - noticeable wear on the corners, and such.

    This would be my first city. I don't have a large handbag collection and I would probably use the bag very frequently.

    My question is this - should I buy this bag now? Or should I wait for a like-new one to pop up on our favorite auction site? I'm new to Balenciaga and I don't know what the chances of that are.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I love ink, and I'm always on the lookout for that perfect ink bag. I've seen several brand new ink boxes on you-know-where-bay. However, I haven't seen any ink cities. Are you really set on the ink city vs. another ink style?

    I just bought my first used bbag (a first), and it's in very, very good condition. However, the tassels are split and the handles are slightly softened. Other than that, it's almost new. What I've realized, though, is that I def. prefer brand new bags (the smell of new leather!! Love it!!), and I'd have a hard time enjoying a bag that was visibly worn or used. But I think each person is different- just something to think about.
  3. If the worn part bothers you, I'd suggest you skip it and wait for the next, especially returning is not an option. I care quite much about bag's condition, so that is just me.
  4. i would wait for another one in a better condition to pop up. sometimes, it just takes a little time and patience to finally find your ideal bag. good luck!
  5. Agree:yes:
    I've been lucky, since last month I found a almost-new Ink City.. if I didn't find it, I could think about a plomb city, but then I saw it and bought it!
    The seller was a lovely TPFer and it helped, because she took care of the bag.
    Just be patient and try to look for mint bag: you'll enjoy her for a long time! Here's a picture:
  6. i know it's hard but i think you'd have to be patient and wait for the-perfect-for-you-bag.
  7. Ink sure is lovely, but I couldn't find an 06 Ink leather that wasn't dry, veiny & crackly. I know there were a few wonderful samples of leather on a number of Ink's that were displayed on tPF, but unfortunately with all my best efforts, I couldn't find one Ink with thick, even, non-veiny leather...They are out there though, so don't give up hope.

    As for 2nd hand bags, I have had my share of bad experiences. I would never treat my Bbags so bad that they end up with scuffed corners, dirty handles etc. I have also bought 2nd hand bags that were in much worse condition when I saw them IRL. Very disheartening. I would avoid this one and look for one in better condition.
  8. Wait it out until you get the perfect bag.

    I looked for an Ink City for over a year before I found a *new* one on you-know-where.

    One will eventually pop up!
  9. Did you see the one on Realdealcollection?
    I would personally wait for one in better condition. I lucked out and got one, and although it was a year ago, I never in a million years thought I would find a new one even then, but I did.
  10. I also say wait. I found a perfect Ink Twiggy earlier this year that I just love. Your bag will come around; just keep a look out and before you know it, one will pop up.

    Good luck!!! Ink is aweseome!
  11. I would wait to find one in better condition.
    Ink is my fav Bal color ever, so IMO it's really worth to be patient !!
    Good luck !!
  12. I have this bag and it is lovely. That said I think you should wait for the perfect one. Last week I bought a pre-loved calcaire city because I just craved another Bal. I knew that is was pretty used but decided to go with it anyway. When I got the bag it was just so disapointing and really wanted to cry. It was so worn out and I couldn't really do anything about cause I knew that the condition wasn't all that. Luckily the seller was just a darling and she let me return the bag and gave me a full refund. But I sure did learn my lesson, never buy something that feels less that perfect. You are just going to regret it.
  13. I've asked for advice on this forum twice now and I think the answers have always been spot on. I decided to pass on the bag in question, and then another ink city basically fell into my lap. It arrived today and I'm in love - it has the softest most beautiful leather I've seen and it's in great condition. Plus it was about $200 cheaper than the other bag.

    Thank you all for leading me to the right decision!
  14. Thanks for the info shoecrazy. I'm glad you were able to get what you were looking for. I'll learn from you & from the advice of others that posted here and wait for an ink city to show up. I was looking at the one Realdealcollection but will wait. Thanks again.
  15. I love ink. As a matter of fact it's my only bbag that I own right now in the city style and love it dearly. The color is great and will go with everything but if how worn in it is bothers you...i'd wait for one in better condition. Sometimes having patience is great because it's makes the find 10x more great.

    just thought i'd share my ink city: ( tassels split on mine though :sad:)