advice on Adele wallet


Aug 9, 2015
D4DD101B-86D8-4680-B4E6-13AF2B79295F.jpeg D4DD101B-86D8-4680-B4E6-13AF2B79295F.jpeg B32B295A-DBD3-487C-9358-E5CEBE21656C.jpeg C68FFD0C-5C5D-411D-B0BD-C5D33760E250.jpeg 9F250092-AEEF-43B7-BF0D-919F7F0BAFC1.jpeg 87750AA6-ED19-4EE6-B4EB-A922EFE7E279.jpeg B04D450A-29ED-4F31-90D0-970129A3991D.jpeg F5CE8E75-6346-4D46-AFE4-942404A4EF02.jpeg D4DD101B-86D8-4680-B4E6-13AF2B79295F.jpeg I went to see how much it would cost to get my Adele wallet re-glazed and the SA quoted me $120. I purchased in September 2015. Should I get it re-glazed or just enjoy it as is. There’s a minor part of the canvas where it folds that looks like it’s about to crack because the glazing is gone. $120 seems a lot when the I could just retire it and use the $120 towards a new wallet. But I do love this wallet!