Advice on acessories to match this dress please...

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  1. I agree with the others, silver accessories with silver strappy open toe shoes and a cute clutch.
  2. I'm the odd one out with all the accessories for that casual look. :worried:
  3. Gold or silver strappies and bag, and some really fantastic earrings, maybe something sparkly, long and dangly (chandelier-y). No necklace. Simple bracelet.
    Pick the metalic based on your skin tone, whatever makes you glow, silver or gold. Let's see what you end up with though!
  4. Depends on the function? Is it casual or dressy? It seems like a nautical them would work well with that navy color. Maybe try layering on some gold necklaces in varying lengths. Or maybe a nice white beaded necklace in varying lengths. You could wear one or layer them as well.

    I also think the minimal look is an accessory in itself. Maybe try wearing no necklace to show off your scapulae dusting it with bronzing powder and wear a couple chunky bangles. Finish it off with some cute understated espadrilles or white kitten heels. If you wanted to get fun w/ it, you could even find a bold print clutch like a navy/white polka dot bag or something to that effect.
  5. YES YOU DO! Sounds very "Runway"!
  6. Very pretty! The dress looks navy to me, so I think silver jewelry would look best. Someone said pearls, but what about a beaded silver necklace (for reference, like the Tiffany's beaded necklace)? It would look really classy and cool.