Advice on acessories to match this dress please...


Feb 4, 2006
Hi all. I just purchased this navy dress from J.Crew to wear to a wedding this April. I'm looking for acessories (shoes, jewelry,wrap, and of course a purse) to go with it.

What colors do you think would go with navy? I was thinking either silver or gold accessories. Also, do you think that I could use a medium black Chanel caviar leather flap bag with silver hardware?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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I am going to go totally against the grain here and say that I would wear it with gold. I think gold and navy looks so rich...and the nautical thing is so in right now. For more casual you could pair with some wedge espadrilles, or for dressy, some gold heels. it would also look cute with a red/white cropped striped cardigan and espadrilles.
I think silver accessories with a clutch bag would like great. A pretty lightweight wrap would also dress it up nicely.

I agree with Kat, def silver would be the best accessory colour for this shade of blue.
I would go casual with this dress.

I start by adding a long necklace with delicate pendant(s) like this:


Add some flats:


or these:

If you want some height, try it with some espadrilles like the Michael Kors Sirens from last spring/summer collection:


Their bridge line made something similar this season:

Add some thin bangles and a Balenciaga First size type purses and you are set to go! :idea:
Simple silver jewelry, with a silver clutch. :smile: If you want something nice and simple.

If it were me, I'd go sans jewelry expect for silver earrings, and a really loud colored pair of shoes- like bright pink or yellow.

I'd also do minimal make-up, except for bold black eye-liner- BUT! that's just how I'd do the outfit... and I have "interesting" taste. :smile:
It is spring afterall... since your dress is simple, why don't you use it as an backdrop and go with some bright colored accessories. The color will definitely pop and make it fun.

just an idea:biggrin: