Advice on a perfect small canvas collection

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  1. I decided to buy 3 pieces from LV: Favourite MM, Neverfull MM, Speedy 30 B. I cannot decide which prints, please help!

    I want to use them for travel, which I do a lot, at least twice a month. I also want Favorite and Neverfull to be the same print. I am a minimalist and prefer to have each bag in only one print. I'm not particulraly concerned with vachetta (I had an Eva clutch for years and no probs with caring for vachetta).

    In my current collection I have black chanel flaps, black WOC, beige flap and Hermes Evelyn in orange.

    Thank you!
  2. I know this is no easy choice to make. It took me quite a while to figure out which canvas I would like to have for each bag.

    Now my personal choice would be:

    Favorite: Damier Azure
    Neverfull: Monogram Canvas
    Speedy 30B : Damier Ebene

    But of course this is a question of personal preference.

    I am now saving for the Favorite .

    Good luck :smile: .
  3. Favorite: Monogram
    Neverfull: Monogram
    Speedy B: Damier Ebene

    I'm not usually a fan of Monogram, but the Favorite looks amazing in that print. Plus, you said you want the Favorite and Neverfull in the same print; the Monogram Neverfull is available in several different interior colors. And, since the Speedy B is a super functional bag, it should have a super functional print (i.e., not have vachetta) - Damier Ebene.
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  4. I personally favor the DE print for my travel bags, such as the NF, since I don't have to worry about any vachetta possibly being ruined, the print isn't as obvious as mono and thus attracts less attention/is more discreet, and the red interior is better at hiding soiling/spills than the beige in a DA.

    Favorite - mono (this bag looks the best in this print IMHO and there's not a lot of vachetta to worry about)
    NF - DE (versatile bag needs a worry-free print)
    Speedy B - DE (versatile bag needs a worry-free print)
  5. I would do:

    Neverfull - Monogram
    Speedy B - DE
    Favorite - Monogram

    Neverfull is just more comfortable in mono (I had the DE one first and found the straps really uncomfortable, plus they cracked. The mono one is better). Speedy B in DE is great because you don't have to worry about a ton of vachetta so it's really low maintenance. I don't have a Favorite but I just like the way it looks best in mono.
  6. Neverfull- Mono
    Favorite- Mono
    SpeedyB- DE
  7. I would agree with the majority here and say Mono for NF and Favorite, and DE for Speedy B. NF in Mono is very comfortable. However, if you could deal with NF and Favorite in different prints, I'd say DE for Favorite. I think DE can be used for dressier occasions and since it's a little less flashy, it's more versatile. I know you wanted one item in Azur, but it's limited to summer for me, and with only 3 pieces, that wouldn't make much sense.
  8. I'd get the Speedy B in DE and the NF and Favorite in Monogram.
  9. Totally agree!
  10. Personally I would get:

    Neverfull Mon Monogram or Azur if Mon Mono is too $$
    Favorite: monogram
    Speedy B : DE
  11. My thoughts exactly! I wouldn't do Favorite in Azur because of color transfer. Then you wanted NF and Favorite to be the same so left with monogram because shoulder straps are more comfortable. Speedy B in DE is a good choice!
  12. Isn't there a pouch that comes with the neverfull that can be used separately? If you get the neverfull and the favorite in different prints, you have more options to play with. P/s: you want all the bags i want!! ️
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  13. +1
  14. +1. When I see the Favorite I only like this more in damier prints. Azur or Ebene. But I´am a mono lover ever

  15. I have all three of the bags you mentioned. My Neo Neverfull is in mono with the beige lining, my Speedy 30 is DE, and my Favorite MM is mono. I used to have a Speedy 35 in mono, but no longer have it because the patina was too dark after 10 years.
    I think the Speedy in DE is a great choice because the treated leather keeps the bag looking newer, longer. Also, I LOVE the Neverfull in DE, but it's normal for the leather on this bag to have creases just because of the way it bends, so you will see more wear in that style. I feel like vachetta is better suited for the Neverfull because it is softer.
    Last summer I saw a woman out one night wearing the Favorite, and she had it in mono. I loved how easy it looked in the way she was wearing it, so that's why I decided on that print (also mono is my favorite).
    I was going to buy a leather bag next, and really contemplated which style, but I can't shake the Artsy, and probably just want canvas bags for now!!!
    You will have to tell us which styles you go with! Good luck.