Advice on a new bag...

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  1. I need a new bag and I figured you guys would provide better advice than my parents lol so here I am. I don't have a big budget at all but I really need a new bag and I've kind of narrowed it down to these three bags. I think they're all good quality but I'm not sure which would be the better buy...

    Juicy Couture Superstar Hobo

    Lesportsac Large Studio

    Lesportsac Large Spin

    I may end up not getting any of these, but what would you do?

    Thanks! :amuse:
  2. i'd get the juicy. but i have that bag so i might be a little biased. :smile:
  3. I tend to favor designs that are simple and without a lot of ornamentation (except for the Chloé Kerala bags...just love those little horsey charms) so my vote would go to the Juicy bag. I think the Juicy is also the most chic of the three you posted.
  4. I'm with heartfelt. The juicy bag is a beauty!
  5. JUICY, the lesportsac are actually really thin. Juicy might last you longer. I like Juicy better, have a stash myself :P
  6. I'd go w/ the Juicy. It seems more classic and refined and something that would last you through many seasons. It also seems like no matter what color you choose, it would match just about everything. Keeps us updated on your final decision! HTH!;)
  7. I would definitely go for the Juicy too :nuts:
  8. i have to agree with everyone else and say the juicy!
  9. I think you best go with the juicy,the others may be too much with certain outfits.
  10. Another vote for Juicy. Let us know what you decide!
  11. juicy
  12. getting a little repititious but Juicy has come out with some very hot bags - this is one of them!.
  13. Does it hold a lot of stuff?

    I think I may get the Juicy bag, I have a gift certificate (to Nordstrom) so that makes it even more appealing lol
  14. it's surprisingly big! i thought it'd be alot smaller since it says it's small on the nordstroms website, but it's pretty big. it's not like huge or anything but definitely a good everyday bag. i have my checkbook wallet, phone, wristlet, and a couple of other things and i still have room. i usually like bigger bags, but this hobo is really cute. :biggrin:
  15. Cute Juicy! I don't quite understand the popularity of LeSportsac - it is really thin and after all, it is just nylon (like Prada, haha) - but some of their bags' shapes are nice.