Advice on a lightweight wallet

  1. Hey everyone, I'm looking to downsize my PTI wallet into a much lighter wallet. Any advice on which style/model? I have an eye on a viennois wallet in vernis, but I'm afraid it might get too heavy if I stuff it with some coins and etc.

    Thanks everyone for your advice! I know I can count on you all! :woohoo:
  2. If you're looking for something smaller as well, how about the Epi Ludlow? It's not really an everyday wallet, though, IMO (too small).
  3. How about the billfold and coin wallet? It's compact and has many cc slots, one bill slot, and coins as well! I'd love to get that one in ANY vernis colors because it is just practical and compact. But too bad, I always carry my check book with me so I usually carry a long wallet :smile: hope this helps!
  4. How about the zippy coin purse? It's small and the price is very reasonable. It's available in Mono and Epi.
  5. The Brazza wallet is really nice, very lightweight and holds almost as much as the PTI. Comes in Mono, Epi and Damier.
  6. I have a Damier Compact Zip. I looooooooooooove it. Small and perfect for everyday use!
  7. I second the zippy coin purse! It is a perfect size for cc's, cash and coins!
  8. I agree with MatAllston & Brutus1, it is really lightweight and holds all my cards & cash!
  9. I thought all the wallet are pretty light. But i guess smaller wallet is better.
  10. I've been eyeing the ludlow. I like the vernis colors the best. And, it looks like the right size for me. I don't normally carry my checkbook (easier to balance the checkbook using debit card :roflmfao:) And, carry a few cc cards. I think it's perfect if you don't tote around a lot of "stuff".
  11. How about the new Complice Trunks and bags wallet, zipper on 2 sides and its VERY light!
  12. Zippy coin purse especially now that you have the epi options!!
  13. I have the Zippy Coin Purse and I love it! It is the best cute & small wallet, I wanted the Ludlow before, but once the Zippy Coin Purse came out I knew that was the one!
  14. i have a vernis Ludlow in pomme and LOVE IT. i use it as my main wallet. i don't like big wallets at all. i use a Coach mini-skinny to carry all other cards (gift cards, membership cards, etc) that i don't use as often. i fold up the bills and put them in the coins compartment. i rarely use coins ever so it's ok.

    and believe it or not i also use my vernis Pochette cles (violette) as a wallet as well. it actually holds bills easier than a ludlow. and the great thing about this wallet is that it's much "flatter" than a ludlow so that it can fit into some pockets in bags easier (not as bulky).
  15. When I first read the post title I thought I read LIMELIGHT wallet...Good lord I got excited.:lol::lol::lol: