advice on a fake gucci

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  1. what are some really easy ways to know a gucci is fake? I was given a gucci horsebit hobo from an aunt. she bought it for herself but thought it was too big and gave it to me since id really wanted one. I dont see her buying a fake but i dont want to ask:smile:. Ill upload some pics later today if i can so yall can see, but for now are there any clues I should know about. does anyone have a real one they can post and i can compare it too. its a black monogram fabric bag with black lining and silver metal.
  2. please post pictures!!
  3. Yes I have two, please post pics!!
  4. hmmm,would love to see the pics
  5. here are the pics. Thanks so much!!!! Ive also posted them on a couple other threads trying to get some advice.
    gucci10.JPG gucci11.jpg gucci12.jpg gucci13.jpg gucci14.jpg gucci21.jpg gucci16G.jpg gucci15.jpg gucci17.jpg gucci27.jpg
  6. it looks good to me..but correct me if im wrong plsss.....
  7. It looks pretty good to me, but with Gucci, it's always hard to tell unless you bring it into the store.
  8. it seems good to me too
  9. congrats! that is a kick ass bag!! :graucho:
  10. i agree gals, this bag looks 100% authentic to me :yes:
  11. good way to tell on the horsebit hobo is if it has the magnetic closure underneath the leather at the top of the bag on both sides - it is NOT REAL!
  12. thanks eveyone!
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