Advice on a Chargeback??

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  1. OMG, can anyone please give me their advice on what to do...:sweatdrop: Paypal has frozen my account. Apparently a buyer is claiming they didnot authorize the transaction and this is now 2 months after I shipped the item and they left me + feedback.
    I sold the bag 2 months ago to an unconfirmed paypal buyer(which I don't usually do :Push: ) I have emails back and forth from the buyer confirming the shipping address. I just checked and the buyer is no longer a registered user of ebay but they did not file a paypal claim they went right to their cc company and said they didn't authorize . How can they do this 2 months after the transaction was completed? I sent the package with delivery confirmation and insurance. I just have to dig up all that information. Does anyone have any advice for me? I've never dealt with this before.
  2. wow, i suggest you call paypal and deal with them directly
  3. ^^ good advice.

    Wow! I've never heard of anyone coming back 2 months later!?!
  4. Right??? It's a little over 2 months since the auction ended so all my ebay emails are deleted from my ebay account. I almost deleted the pictures from my computer but thankfully I didn't.

    I've been reading all this junk on paypal about what I should send them to prove my case but then I also saw that if they don't think you have a good chance of winning they don't have to help you!!!! :wtf:

    They also told me I have 72 hours to respond to them since this claim has been expedited. Apparently you usually have 10 days. This is the biggest scam ever. So the buyer ends up with their money back and the bag.

    So I should call their customer service department and see what they tell me?
  5. yeah just keep calling them...ull have to provide proof of the delivery etc etc and that the buyer left positiuve takes a lot of your time...there are other threads here that dealt with scammers who did chargebacks
  6. Thanks for the responses. I really appreciate it. :flowers: I figured there were probably other threads on chargebacks. I searched the first three pages and didn't see any. I'll do a more thorough search here tomorrow. I just needed any advice asap because I was so desperate. I've got my fingers crossed that I have all the proof I'll need to beat this scammer. I can't believe people have the nerve to do this kind of a thing. :hysteric:
  7. this is horrible! what is going on?!
  8. :cursing: That is absolutely crazy!!! She's left positive feedback and you have proof of delivery. This absolutely sucks!! What a horrid and sneaky thing to do. She wants the item and the money! :yucky:
  9. People are getting so awful. There seem to be no morals left and all they all end up on ebay. And Paypal!!! If they just look into it for a few minutes they will see how the transaction went. And I know someone will say you shouldnt have shipped to an unconfirmed address but I dont think that even makes a difference anymore. Scammers can get round that too I think...good luck and tell us the result.
  10. Sorry you're put through this unnecessary stress, I hope PP rules in your favor. This happened to my friend where her customer left +ve fb then filed a claim. For some unknown reason, PP ruled in favor of the buyer just because she didn't ship with tracking and signature confirmation, can you beat that? This was for items under $200. We think PP base their decisions with a flip of a weighted coin, tails buyer wins.
  11. So final outcome, paypal said they can't help us win this chargeback and they took the money out of my account. :cursing: So buyer ends up with bag and money. :crybaby: Paypal SUCKS!!!!! They make their own rules and just as long as they get their fees they could really care less what goes on. I'm wondering if I can take the buyer to court.
  12. You can do Small Court Claims, but it has to be in her state I think... I am having an issue w/ my buyer as well, and my brother-in-law said if it were him, he would get a ticket, fly over there to talk face to face with the buyer and see the item himself. So, I am actually thinking right now if I should do that, but my item is like $1700, and airfare will be like $450 or so... and no guarantee that she will see me. It would be shocking for her if she sees me knocking on her front door!

  13. I wouldn't recommend that. That can be considered harrassment & can get you in a really sticky situation. Plus, ultimately, you don't know who you're dealing with & you can end up being face to face with an irrational person, whom you don't know is capable of whatever. :boxing:
  14. :sad:
    This is all so unfair. Everyone seems to have a Paypal/Ebay story to tell, so why do we still do it???