Advice on a Celine bag...

  1. Hi guys:smile: I'm very tempted to order this unique Celine bag, and I want to wear it with black suits to work. I'm an attorney and can get away with a little non-traditional attire in the work I do. Do you think this bag is too dressy for everyday? Is it too "evening"? It's made of black satin and croc printed leather, with shiny gold hardware, and is 12" x 8" x 7". I'm not too familiar with Celine bags. Does anyone have this bag and know anything about it? I think it's kind of cool... Any thoughts?

    celine bag.jpg

    And sorry the photo is so small- that's the biggest I could get it.
  2. *bump* anyone??:smile:
  3. I am familiar with celine but i havent seen that bag before. I like it a lot, but it is quite formal and the satin might make it look very evening - i cant tell too well from the picture. Its dainty and feminine. Sorry i havent been much help!

    EDIT: I just wanted to add that I think the shape is acceptable for work but the element that would concern me is the satin.
  4. ITA. :yes: I've never seen this bag IRL, but I do like the shape. The satin combo makes it sound very evening, though. Also, it might snag easily if you were to use it everyday.
  5. ^^ Both good points, thanks guys:smile: It seems like a pretty matte satin to me, not too shiny, so that might make it a little better. I found these adorable black and gold pumps I've been trying to match a bag to (love it when we dress from the feet up:smile:, and I realized I have no black bags with gold hardware, only silver! My wedding ring is platinum, so I think I naturally tend toward silver in jewelry and bag hardware. But I had to buy these darn gold shoes, so now I'm "forced" to buy a new bag. Right, forced!:smile:
  6. Noon, what do you think of Celine in general? I haven't really looked at their bags before. Are they well made? Any other styles I might like? Thanks for your help!
  7. I have a mix response to your q. lol I have a Celine tote brown suede and leather which I bought about 4 or so years ago, i absolutely love it, and it has held up extremely well considering Ive carried books and laptops in it - it looks practically brand new and has only begun to show some signs of wear. However, I have another bag which was made of dark denim and brown leather - and after a few months one of the straps tore. I took it back and they fixed it for me, no questions asked and you cant even tell the strap tore now. I later came to know that that particular line was made in China and could have contributed to the quality issue. However, I would def recommend Celine, there bags are very understated and dont scream at you like some other brands do. I suggest you look at their boogie bag - its the ultimate classic Celine bag. Their new classic bag is the bittersweet and the leather is lovely and smooshy on it. Not too sure if you like those styles though, and I suggest browsing their website.
    One last thing - I own Celine flats and the leather on them is absolutely amazing.
  8. Wow, I just went to their website, and the bittersweet is really cute!:smile: I'm gonna have to check that out... I've been looking for an interesting black bag that's a little under the radar, and I'm intrigued. Thanks for your suggestions!
  9. Celine makes great bags. But, like everyone else has said, the satin does add an evening element to the bag which you may not want.