Advice on 1st bag, I like em' BIG and classic!!!

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  1. OK, hubby has given me the go ahead for my 1st EVER Louis Vuitton!!! I couldn't be more excited!!! I was planning on buying pre-loved but he insists we go to Chicago to a boutique and buy brand new. You will NOT catch me arguing with him!!! LOL

    I like larger bags and have been eyeing the Damier Ebene Saleya PM for awhile. Now that the time is coming I'm second guessing myself and wondering if I should go mono for my 1st (and possibly only ever) Louis Vuitton piece.

    My 2 must haves with the bag I choose are-

    #1~Must be large enough for my everyday use. If I bought a Speedy I'd go with the 35 hands down.

    #2~The bag MUST have a place for an LV bag charm!!! I've got to have one of those too!!! I want it to hang from hardware!!!

    These are the bags I've got on my short list. It DID include the Damier Ebene Neverfull until I started reading the nightmare threads about the straps!!! WAAAAHHHHH!!! I LOVE the Damier Neverfull!!!

    -Damier Saleya PM
    -Damier Speedy 35
    -Totally MM Mono
    -Mono Speedy 35
    -Mono Lock It Verticle

    ***I'm kinda scared of the vachetta leather which stears me away from the mono. On the otherhand I've been reading alot about treating and care and think I could keep it from looking a nightmare. I'm good to my bags BUT don't want to have to baby it 24/7 if you KWIM?!

    Advice??? Words of wisdom???
  2. Damier speedy 35 baby!!! No need to worry about vachetta and it's good all year round IMO.
  3. My vote would go first for the Damier Speedy 35, I just like the speedies a bit more than the NF's. However, I would like to mention that I believe there are a lot of people here on the forum that have the damier NF and have had no problems at all with the straps. I'm sure a lot of people will post about that, but if that is the bag you have your heart set on and it may be your only LV, then go for the damier ebene NF! Just be sure to talk to your SA about what to do if you have trouble with the straps. The only other bag I would recommend is the Galliera. It comes in Mono, but you would have to special order it in the damier ebene. Have fun on your shopping trip and be sure to post pics of your new bag and bag charm! Good Luck with your decision!
  4. Not on your list but check out the galliera.

    From your list I would pick the damier speedy 35
  5. Forgot to say, congrats on getting your 1st LV. It is so exciting
  6. How about an Artsy!? Big, classy and a charm attached already?!?
  7. i vote for the damier speedy 35 in the ebene so pretty! i just got my 1st l.v. last friday pre loved monogram croissant gm... a large shoulder bag its so pretty. congrats on your 1st!
  8. From your list I say the Speedy... But take a look at the Damier Ebene Alma aswell....
  9. I'd suggest the Galliera as well ! Else, I prefer the Speedy to the NF
  10. Another vote for Damier 35.
  11. Out of those on the list I'd pick the Lockit, but have you considered Alma? (Possibly Damier if you're afraid of the vachetta) That's definitely one of the most classic ones :smile:
  12. speedy 35.
  13. How about a Mono Totally MM or GM? Huge, Shoulder Straps, Zips up. Makes a great everyday bag.

    Let us know what you got!
  14. Damier or Mono speedy! They look best with a bagcharm! Mono speedy doesn't have that much vachetta! The 35 is my favorite size! Good luck deciding and post pics when you get it!
  15. I have owned the Saleya PM and it is absolutely not as large as the Speedy 35. If you go Saleya you will need to get an MM.

    Are you interested in a shoulder bag? Or is handheld okay? I think that is one of the most important considerations.

    And definately get Monogram. You will enjoy the changes in your bag's patina over the years. Watching the leather change from virgin white to golden honey is a plus!