Advice? New to Bal, worth of a bag?

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  1. Hi- I am a LV fan usually but have owned one black Bal bag years ago that I sold after using a few times. I love them, just don't have a store close that sells them and eBay isn't often safe to buy and I know NOTHING about them. So help please!
    The reason for my post is that I need you guys to help me evaluate the worth of a bag.
    I have seen Nicole Richie carrying one, but rarely ever seen one for sale and not sure what it should bring, so what's it worth to buy one, and do you recommend it if any of you have it already??

    It's the black and white cloth striped bag. It doesn't belong to me, so mods please don't think I am selling a bag here. Just have the opportunity to purchase one and want to know what I should be willing to give for it. I love the look. I was told it was limited and hard to find?

    Here is a photo of the style:
    (This isn't my photo- I did borrow it, PM me if it's yours)
  2. I'd say 1300$ would be a reasonable price if it's in tip top condition. And whoseever the pic is, I love the bag/boobie combo!!! grrrr I want to find a boobie!!!!!
  3. the price for these bags are really variable on eBay. Sometimes they go pretty high (greater than $1000) and sometimes they are less than $1000. I guess it depends on condition and how much you want it.
  4. That white boobie is for sale on eBay right now.
  5. Thanks for your help. Do they come up often on ebay in the black white stripe?
  6. these dont come around on eBay too often, one went for around 2K during the peak frenzy 6 months ago.

    it cost $1195 retail I believe and some did go on sale (mostly in the day & courier).
  7. Thanks for the help!