Advice needef for CDC

  1. Costa, I got my ombre CDC yesterday!!!

    It might not stretch, like others have said, but it's SO beautiful, I would keep it anyway!

  2. they are not comfortable when tight though
  3. ^^^ Yes, I imagine....but I know;)
  4. Congratulations!!! Fyi, no worry, while I was shown the etoupe one, they dint' show me yours;)
  5. You are so right! And they don't even look as nice as when they are looser.

    LOL, you know me so well!! :biggrin:
  6. Does yours have lots of white circles? mine not much: pity, I would have prefered it with more!

    If it's very tight, then I guess you'd better change it, I would feel a bit claustrophobic!
  7. costa, we feel for your dilemma. Keep us posted.

  8. Mine too doesn't have many cilcles (actually only one and a half on a side).

    I don't feel it claustrophobic, just tight.

    I will put a picture in few minutes...
  9. Here you go. As you can see from the second picture, it still has some space...

    Duna, the last picture shows you the circles.
    ombre.jpg ombre1.jpg ombre2.jpg
  10. Well, actually it looks fine! Keep it :yes: Congratulations again!
  11. They were designed decades ago, way before darling JPG joined H. I found another one from 1995 in the same leather but in blue (mine is black). I think Gautier only arrived at H in 2003 (?)

    They are very Deco in style so I am thinking 1930/40s. I have a pair of vintage H earnings from with enamelled greyhounds wearing CDCs as livery (proper dog collars)

    I can't believe H would rest the CDC although it has become so popular in the last couple of years...
  12. I actually think you beautiful CDC looks perfect on you, you don't want it too loose. So long as it doesn't hurt, pinch or stop the blood.

  13. I think it looks great too! If it doesn't feel unconfortable, keep it!

    It's very similar to mine, with few circles....
  14. Keep it costa. I think it looks great on you. I also imagine that even if Lizzard doesn´t stretch, you´d get used to it being tight. I love mine, and it has alot of white circles:0)

    ps. I don´t think it looks too tight on you.
  15. Beautiful CDC costa!!! Looks very good on your wrist :tup:!

    Mine hasn't stretched (but I wear it loose) ,but it did become a bit more 'supple' (lies better against my wrist) after wearing.

    (Btw. I just checked the H-website (for US) and they have a 'CDC Homme' under the 'men's bracelets'. It Looks like a normal CDC, but I think this would be a wider version? I didn't know H had these or maybe they just started to make those?)