Advice needed

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  1. I need help! I have never ran across a situation like this:

    I work in a office of 20 people. A job position recently opened up, and I applied along with another coworker. Today my coworker was going around (I walked in on it) saying that I am acting terrible and mean towards her (So confused, I have never been anything but friendly!) and that "she wants to give me something to be mad about." (Not sure what that means?!) I didn't know what to do, I am a rather shy person and avoid confrontation as much as possible, so I turned around and walked out, and tried to avoid her as much as I could for the rest of the day. I will say yes, I have been more reserved than normal but I also have work up to my ears to complete at my job and my work at home, but still I have never been unpleasant towards anyone. If being quiet is being terrible to someone, I guess we have different definitions.

    I should say this same person has a history of going to the boss and trying to throw people under the bus on multiple occasions, and she usually does it loudly. She once went in the boss' office (did not close the door) and loudly complained about another coworker helping a different coworker with their work because the first coworker was upset after finding out her sister was diagnosed with cancer. She is a self proclaimed "tattle tale".

    My question is, how do I handle this? I am in my 20s and she is in her late 50s. This is my first time working with older women, and I guess I am really caught off guard by the catiness... I have never not got along with everyone. Assuming she is going to go to the boss (she probably has already) and is saying untrue things (assuming this is all brought on by going for the same job?!) do I need to go in myself and speak with her?

  2. I would say your boss is well aware of her behavior and I would ignore her. If you don't respond to her antics, it will drive her crazy and she will most likely make more of an a••
    Out of herself. Don't feed into the situation. That's what she wants. Let it die.
    Good luck!!
  3. Thank you! That is what I was thinking too- she has also recently started to pick on me about my bags, shoes ect. I try to ignore it, but recently dealing with it 40 hours a week has started to get to me. Maybe I need to bring some headphones to work :cool:
  4. I'm sorry. Some people are just so nasty. Know that it's definitely not you, and the best "response" to her may be to ignore her and don't act upset, even if you are. She wants to get under your skin and if you portray that she's not doing so, she may move onto her next "victim."

    And if she's known to others, including the boss, as a "tattle tale" or "sh*t stirrer", people typically don't believe whatever she's complaining about.

    Stay strong, focus on you and doing the best job you can do, and good luck!
  5. Sounds like a piece of work. We have all at some point met someone like this, just ignore her, maybe she feels like the young girl (you)is a threat to her? If she is picking on your clothes and so on she notices that you care about what you look like, etc.

    Let your actions speak for themselves. Continue to work hard, the boss and others around you know the type of work that you produce, be pleasant to others, don't engage with her, that's what she wants, a reason to keep up her negative behavior.

    Good luck!