Advice needed

  1. I have recently moved over to Chanel and got my first purchase- a black classic flap. Now that I've heard that a price hike is in the pipeline, I am considering getting a second Chanel bag ASAP. Could anyone tell me whether a beige Medallion tote would be a good choice? If not, what other options are immediately available and should be considered instead?
  2. I LOVE the Medallion tote! Good choice, very classic!
  3. hey D Lee, unlimited possibilities! but I own and love dearly my timeless classic tote (bowler) and the luxe ligne pieces. Try doing a "search" under "Nordstrom pdf" and see if any look books come up for u to see the price and style of many bags that are available now from cruise and fall/winter. Good luck!
  4. The medallion tote is a great choice. I love the classics.
  5. Medallion Tote is a great bag!
    I personally find the handle drop to be a little too snug for my preference and the opening a little too tight for me though.
    I'd prefer the Petit Shopping Tote or Grand Shopping Tote instead.
  6. I love the medallion tote.I have the grand shopping tote but have always liked the medallion. Very classic.
  7. Thanks everybody for your advice! I'll get the medallion tote since I haven;t got any negative feedback from any of you. I'm so pleased that I discovered this forum since none of my friends own a Chanel bag and I was groping in the dark when I got my first one.
  8. I would get a patent flap, but if you don't want another flap, you can't go wrong with a timeless piece like that.
  9. :love:

    Love that bag -- I think you will be very happy!