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  1. #1 Feb 23, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2014
    aI sold a like new Louis Vuitton Galleira bag for $950 to a buyer whose mails to me have an undercurrent of rudeness. She didn't pay for a 4.5 days, gave me some story about waiting for something to clear. I wrote to her last Sat morning and said if she didn't pay by end of day I'd issue a mutual cancellation that evening. Before I went to bed, I issued the mutual cancellation. Next morning I saw she had declined the the mutual cancellation and paid. (She said she hadn't seen my mail from the morning).

    Then I got several mails about "where was the bag." Again, a rude tone. She paid me last Sat night, and I mailed it on this Tuesday (Monday WAS A holiday). She received it Friday, picked it up at 10AM at her post office (I had sig confirmation).

    No mail from her about receipt of the bag, no feedback, so I left positive feedback last night (dumb I know) and mailed and asked for positive feedback in return. She mailed me back saying her daughter picked up a whole bunch of packages on Friday, and would leave feedback later.

    Meanwhile, she relisted my bag last night (Saturday), around the same time I mailed her and asked for feedback. She didn't mention the date code in her listing, so I don't have 100% assurance that it is mine, but I see the one minor, minor flaw in my bag is in her pictures. She isn't using my pictures, is using her own. I do know its my bag, but without date code, of course can't prove it.

    In her listing she has described the bag as "pristine, like new" yada, yada.

    My feeling is that if she doesn't sell the bag at a profit, she'll make up a story about the bag and try to return it to me, or worse, return a fake. Am I nuts?

    Should I let her know I know she has listed my bag and called it pristine, looks like it came from the store, etc? Bottom line, I don't care about her selling the bag, good luck to her, I just want my feedback and don't want to deal with a claim in 10 days saying bag was not as described, etc. Frankly I don't even care about feedback at this point.

    Any advice on how I can protect myself from some sort of claim in 10 days? Thanks in advance.
  2. I'd take screen shots of her listing. I don't think there's anything you can do as you're only anticipating something might happen.
  3. Thanks. Good suggestion. I'm going to do it now. And I won't mail her or anything, other than perhaps a reminder about my feedback, just for the record.

    I almost think there is more too it, because based on what I saw on eBay, she won't sell the bag for too much more than she paid me..................its very odd. I guess that is why I'm thinking it smells of scam.

    I won't obsess about it. Thanks for the advice.
  4. I think you're worrying prematurely and unnecessarily. I don't think she's a scammer. She's a flipper.

    If you look at her bidding history and selling history, you'll see buys a ton of LV (38 in the last 30 days) and she's probably just floating her payments as she waits for receipt of payment for items she sells.
  5. Do NOT email requesting feedback. Feedback is totally voluntarily and sometimes if a buyer thinks you're a PITA about feedback, they'll ding you just because they can.

    As for getting her price, she has a reserve on the listing so she knows what she wants for it.
  6. I take your point. I think what worries me is the vagueness of her mail to me re the bag. At the same time she's telling me her daughter picked up packages at the PO on early Fri, she mentions nothing about my bag and the quality, etc. This from someone who was desperately anxious to get it in her mails to me during the week. and who had already relisted the bag. As I said, fine by me if she makes a gazillion on it, but if it doesn't sell to her satisfaction, that is where her potential scam comes in and I can get hurt. Her recent feedback is good, in 2010 she had some issues. "Problem buyer" was one comment.

    Thanks for replying.
  7. I didn't see any problems with her toolhaus.

    She did leave a contradictory feedback for a buyer that was removed. She left a neg for a seller who didn't send the item (valid) and a neutral for an item she didn't think was worth the price she paid. And all those feedbacks were left 4 years ago or longer.
  8. Why wouldn't she post the date code of the bag? Its so important to so many people........didn't photo it either.

    I'm not going to obsess any more, will enjoy the rest of my day............. Won't spend the money I made though either................

    Took my screen shots and will let it be.

    Thanks again..
  9. That's a great attitude, keep it up!
  10. Many sellers don't realize the importance of the date code, font, pressure, location, etc.

    (It surprises me though that a seller who buys as much as your buyer/flipper does wouldn't show the date code.)

  11. This!
  12. +2. Requesting fb: don't do it!

    OP, do you not offer returns? Maybe she just didn't like the bag and since she sells things on eBay she's just selling it instead of returning it. Better for you that way.

    I understand that you're concerned that she's overstating the condition. That is unfortunate but there's not much you can do about it. She is in the position of power (the buyer) in this transaction so it's best to leave it alone.

    I do think it's a good idea to take screenshots in anticipation of future problems but for now there's not much you can do.
  13. She knows about date codes and about LV's.
    She also knows the importance of feedback, especially on LV items.
    My theory is that she does not want me to have a document (her listing) that proves it is my bag and says it is "pristine, like new" in case she wants to return it saying it isn't what I promised...........I hope I'm wrong. But so far this AM, no feedback.
    I'll let you know what happens.

  14. You think much less suspiciously than I do, LOL! I don't accept returns.
    My suspicions come from her not listing the date code, and not saying one word about the bag when she returned my mail. Meanwhile, she had already listed it for sale.

    Thanks for your thoughts. I'll just wait.
  15. She knows what she wants, but if she doesn't get more than she paid, what is she going to do with the bag? I don't accept returns...................

    She's thrown in another matching item, one I've never seen at LV, into the sale. NO pictures whatsoever of the second item.

    I worry too much.