Advice Needed

  1. Hi Girls,

    I want a new tote bag for work. I really want the black GST with silver hardware but it appears to be sold out everywhere.
    I can get the GST with gold hardware, however, I prefer my bags to have silver hardware.
    Then I saw the black on black cambon tote. And now I am torn. :hysteric:

    Should I get the GST with gold which is a classic or should I get the cambon which is more trendy.

    Any advice would be fantastic. Thanks girls!!
  2. Do you have to have it today?{immediately?}
    I would think the black/silver will be back in stock soon.
    Otherwise, I'd have to go w/ the Cambon, I don't do 'gold' personally.
  3. If your using it everyday I'ld prefer cambon because it is by far LIGHTER than the GST.
  4. Absolutely a Cambon if you prefer tote style. Personally I don't like gold hardware too.
  5. You should definitely get the GST...It's so elegant looking...Plus, there are too many knock offs of the Cambon out there, imo...
  6. I'd get the GST because the Caviar leather is so durable and better for everyday, compared to the cambon.
  7. you guys would rather have a GST w/ the worng color hardware than a Cambon?
  8. I would choose a GST over a Cambon without a thought; but I do not like gold hardware. If there was no assurance of getting a GST/silver hd in the future I would rather have another style than gold hardware. I have one Chanel bag w/ gold hardware and it is the denim multicolor tote. The one with the rainbow and the red airplane. I don't carry it anymore, I keep it because Chanel does not stray this far from classic very often. BTW I have a black/white cc tote.
  9. I cannot say enough of how much I love the GST. I always keep a book with me to read in carpool lines, salons, dr's offices, and the GST is perfect for that. I also can easily find things in the bag b/c of the three sections--one with zipper and two open.

  10. HAHAHA!! yes, I need it right now!! No no I can wait. I am a very patient person.

    I am hoping the black/silver will be in stock soon. I am trying to find out if it will be but I am not having any luck. Anyone know?

    Thanks everyone for their advice.
  11. If you need it now, you need it now!!:lol:

    What about a black Vintage Ligne Tote like my white one?
  12. ^^Too funny. I was going to ask you about that bag because I love it.
    Have you seen a black one? If you did, please tell me in was at Neimans!! hahaha
    Tell me do you use that everyday and love it?
  13. That is an awesome bag (vintage ligne tote) but alas is completely sold out in the US in black...
  14. Aww... that's too bad. Maybe a new tote will be out for spring.