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  1. I'm having a really hard time selling my EPI Speedy on eBay. I relisted it, and changed the terms to free shipping. There are a ton of pictures and I had it verbally authenticated at 2 separate stores. Does anyone have any advice on what to do, or if there is another way to ensure that it sells? I'm really hesitant to sell it for a lot less than what I set the price at ($450) because of a) ebay listing/relisting fees, b) my shipping fee loss, and c) final value fees. If some of you read my post in the marketplace, I need to sell this to help my grandmother out with a personal situation. I've already dipped into personal savings, and decided to part of the EPI Speedy because I thought it would sell for a good amount even though (as shallow as it might sound), it was really hard to decide to let the bag go. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I'm sorry it hasn't sold :sad: I don't really have any answers for you, just wanted to tell you that you're in my thoughts..

    I really hope it all works out SuLi!
  3. SuLi- I totally understand your frustration. I had sold about 10 LV authentic items on Ebay the past month and most of them were used less than 10 times (except mono mini sac). I included numerous pictures, the full package of the boxes/dustbag and even picture of each individual receipts, and I wasn't able to get good prices. For example, the Multi small agenda sold for $280, Red epi pochette for $250, mono papillon 30 and the pochette (that i had used literally 2-3 times) for $599 (and even took extra loss for shipping), Monogram Mat fowler for $250 (when it sold for over $650 retail). Now, I still have a Mini mono juliette bag that retails for $770 and I've set it as BIN for $299. I have bunch of watchers, but no buyers. It's my 5th time relisting it. Perhaps you can lower the price just a bit to see the response? I had to do that on couple of the items sold and they sold the 2nd time around. I've DEF noticed that it's easier to get your money's worth w/the Monogram line, but harder on colored Epi and Mini Mono since they're less popular.

    Anyhow, I hope you get to sell the bag eventually and best of luck to you w/your grandmother's situation. You're a great granddaughter!
  4. Ebay is tough lately for authentic items. I have taken losses also :sad: I hope you find a buyer for your bag! I'm sure it's gorgeous.
  5. Ebay has been godawful lately! I guess because holidays are winding down... no clue, but I've had a hard time selling, too. Best wishes to you and your grandmother, SuLi, you sound like such a sweet grand-daughter. I don't feel like you should lower your price any further, it's already extremely reasonable. Hmmm..... well, good luck, please keep us updated on the status of the bag!
  6. do you have pictures of the bag?
  7. So, I lowered the BIN price to $425. Someone offered my $300 for it and I declined....was that stupid? I just feel like if I accepted it, I would probably walk away with about $250 - $200 less than I wanted. I hope I made the right choice in sticking to my guns.
  8. Have you tried listing on "Craigs List"? There are all sorts of things there. And I think it's less than E-Bay if they even charge you at all.
  9. No no no no, $300 is too little for it!
  10. Maybe next time you repost..dont include your personal reasons for selling. We all know your a nice person and have sympathy for you. But whenever I see auctions like that I think to myself "********", and they seem fishy to me. I think it might help any fence sitters. You also might do better to do a auction that starts at $1.00 and set a reserve. I have found that when you get alot of people bidding on something its better. Also they will get emails when they are outbid. Give it a try. This new trend of posting at a buy it now i think scares some people off. People get wrapped up in bidding. Best of luck to you.
  11. Interesting how different people are! I never say "********" to myself, I think I"m more likely to bid if I see a reason as to why the person is selling a perfectly good item, even if it's just "I have too many handbags so I'm getting rid of this one"
  12. I dont know why I feel like that! I guess I am cynical. :P
    I also believe if something isnt working you need to switch it up. It cant hurt in changing the auction. Its not working for her as is. Its such a beautiful bag at a great price it should sell!!!

  13. May be list it in Germany as well because we don't have mypoupette and therefor it's much easier for private persons to sell. Usually you get 2/3 of the retail price but here people don't like a BIN. You don't have to translate your auction because most Germans speak pretty good English.
  14. I hope you get a better response this time. Selling on Ebay is hard it seems everyone wants something for nothing. You are wonderful! I wish your Grandmother well.
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