Advice needed

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  1. I have been a silent observer for the past month since I discovered this forum. I must say that I have been enjoying all the posts and never imagined there was such a following/community for shoe lovers, specifically CL lovers.
    My wife has just one CL, and after all that reading, I got the urge to get her a new pair, and what a better opportunity to do it than when in Vegas.

    Here is where I need your advice. We saw the Madame Butterfly 150 in satin and in leather. Both are very sexy but the satin one got her to say "I feel like a million dollars". The problem is that from what I read they can easily get damaged. My wife, who is very practical, said that at this price we should take the leather ones - so that they get more mileage, especially in a place like we leave in, where it rains (and snows) a lot.

    What would you recommend?
  2. Buy her the pair she loves the most & will wear. If it is the satin, you can always treat it with a rain & stain product. The one I use works really well.
  3. How does she wear her CLs? If she wears them only out at night and on special occasions, I say go with the satin. As Batty said, you can put a protector on them. If she wears them more generally, like to the office or around town, I would lean for the leather.
  4. She wears them for going out. No 150mm heel for work:smile:
    It is not that she did not like the leather. It is just that she would feel really bad if $1000 shoes would get damaged, and I believe she would enjoy more not being worried when using them. Now, if you tell me that We are over-exaggerating the concern, than she will take the satin ones.
  5. Good choice! It is so beautiful in satin...
  6. I would always choose leather over satin. In my opinion it's way more attractive and durable than satin.
  7. So it is like asking which CL you like more. I am sure that there is not a single answer, as we see here. But in terms of practicality: are satins lasting as much as leather? What happens when you hit a sidewalk with a satin shoe? What happens when you walk in a small puddle?
  8. Asking which CL we like is opening a whole other can of worms...Do you really want to go there? :P

    In my opinion leather is way more durable as I said before. Satin is pretty, but when damage occurs on satin it's not very easy to's a fabric after all. Honestly, leather is so much more "worry free".
  9. Forgot to mention that the Madame Butterfly is so gorgeous in leather!
  10. I would say that, if your wife is going to be worried about the satin, buy her the leather. It will last forever and as has been mentioned, easier to repair if necessary.
  11. I'm normally a fan of satin , but if the area you live in tends to rain ALOT ..i'd go with leather, my shoe collection consist of 60% satin shoes and mind you some of them have not seen the land outside the house door LOL!
  12. I really like satin, but in your case I would go for the leather ones.
  13. Ladies, thanks for all the advice. We decided to go with leather ones. So now that she will have 2 pairs, I guess you can call it a collection :P. I don,t think she is ready for modeling shots yet, but if she will agree, will post....
  14. yay for the start of a collection, foosy! you are such a sweet dh!
  15. Congrats to you and your DW! I think the leather is the best choice in this case.