Advice needed

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  1. Right I have been lusting after a Mulberry bag for years but have always resisted because there was always something else I needed to spend money on. Anyway now my daughter has finished university and is finally financially independent I earn a good salary so have decided that I am going to have my Mulberry spurned on by the fact that it turns out I have been underpaid for 2 years so am due a fairly good lump sum of back pay.
    I have been looking at ebay for a couple of years but am a bit cautious about spending a large sum of money on there, I live within half an hour of Cheshire Oaks so my question is what sort of discount do they offer at the outlet stores and is worth going or should I just order directly from Mulberry?

    I would like a blue bag more dark blue than light so what would you recommend? I have been looking at the blueberry Mitzy's or Drew's on the Mulberry site and they do look very nice:P
  2. The ink coloured bags are nice. You'll normally get a 30% discount at the outlet so it's definately worth a visit to an outlet. If you are after a specific bag however I'd recommend phoning first.
  3. I was at Cheshire Oaks on Saturday and to be honest there wasn't much stock. Saying that it's definately worth a visit. Typically the stock is from 30% to 70% discount.
    How about something in ink?
    There are also a lot of reputable sellers on Ebay, always get the bag authenticated in the above section firstly though.
    Good luck
  4. Hi!
    How exciting that you're going to take the plunge, sounds well earned :smile:
    I've never been to Cheshire Oaks myself, but it's always vice to check the outlets! Perhaps phone them up in advance to hear which days they get stock in?

    Re Ebay, if you find something you want (ie an older no longer produced bag) use the Authentication service some of the girls here provide. That way you'll be sure to get an authentic bag. is also a safe place for preloved bags.

    Something ink or blueberry then? Not sure if Mulberry has made blue bags in any other colours than that?

    So much to choose from in those colours, the Alexa, Antony, a Mitzy, Drew, Daria, Beatrice, Bayswater.

    Good luck :biggrin:
  5. Thanks for the advice, think I am going to go to the Oaks on Friday anyway I want to get a charm for my links bracelet and am running low on Molton Brown so may go in and see what is there
  6. Big welcome to you did, You sound like you deserve a brand new bag as its your first one so you should really enjoy the experience, and if it is blue that you are wanting, you will more than likely only find that at Mulberry online, or in the stores at the moment, as its a very current colour so will not be in an outlet yet.

    Lovely to finally have some disposable income huh!! ;)
  7. How exciting for you didih and welcome to the forum! I hope you'll find the bag you're looking for :smile:
  8. Didih welcome to the forum and the slippery slope. You have a great experience ahead of you, buying your first Mulberry !! wonderful feeling it is !!!
  9. Good luck finding your bag. I have not seen any of the blue colors in person, but the Ink looks very nice from what I have seen on line.

    Have fun looking... Beware, they are addictive :smile:
  10. Good luck with your search & have a great time on Friday . Don't forget to report back !

    ps my SIL found a beautiful Ink Antony messenger at Bicester for £197 .
  11. I think because you have wanted a Mulberry for a long time, you should check out as many as you can in real life first before taking the plunge. Have you thought about whether you like shoulder bags, totes, messengers, large, small, structured or squishy???

    I'm only relatively new to Mulberry myself and I have learned that the choice in terms of the styles available between new and pre-owned is huge.

    If you are looking for a blue bag check out the Ink Bayswater and Bays Clutch on the coming soon section on

    Please let us know how your search goes...
  12. Hi and welcome didih! Good luck with your bag search and have fun at the outlets!