Advice Needed

  1. Hey girls.
    I'm so excited. I finally have enough money to buy my very first Balenciaga bag this weekend. I want to get a first because I like the shape of it better, although the city bag is more functional, (but also more expensive)

    What recommendations do you guys have for bag colors?

    From the pictures, I really like ink blue. But is it more blue? black? Or is it constantly changing.

    Blueberry is really pretty too, but it might be a little difficult to match with otufits maybe?

    What is the Balenciaga leather like this season?

    I felt the leather of one of the bags at Barneys and they are like heaven to touch. No wonder people are willing to rake out ginormous amounts of money to own these bags.
  2. morganchase, i am in the same position as you! some advice would be great!!
  3. For this seasons bags, I definitely like blueberry and grenat...I don't think you'd have too much trouble matching either of them to your clothes. They're jewel tones and beautifully vibrant. Also, I love the First size too. It looks great on everyone I've seen it on! Good luck, I hope this helps! Let us know which one you get!
  4. I would get Blueberry instead of ink first. Ink will be quite hard to find; there are probably only veiny ones left too. (if you like veiny bags, that's ok :yes: ) I even think blueberry is getting harder to find. Anyways, I don't think blueberry is hard to match an outfit at all. It's a little more vibrant than ink...but it's still quite dark. First is a good choice as a first b-bag.
  5. get rogue vif.....
  6. Has anyone seen or heard about fake Balenciaga; I found a beautiful balenciaga in a thrift shop, and the owner claims that it is a real one, but I'm suspicious because she also had some fake LV and Marc Jacobs. Please let me know
  7. I would get INK, My first b-bag (worksize) is ink and it just goes with everything. I love it!!!
  8. i would say that the best size is the first, and i think you should start with a vibrant color like rouge vif or a blue india... if you're not too fond of color, ink is a great choice but are there still any left in stores? a black first is also one of my fave combinations, i definitely want one in the future...!!!!!
  9. I recently purchased my first one, and I got a 05 City in Bubblegum Pink. Obviously go with a color you love, but getting something a little different than the majority of your other bags is fun! Deffinitely something vibrant, you'll love it when people comment on your lovely bag. I have my second now a Box in Magenta, and a Sky Blue City on it's way. But both my Box and City get people (sometimes even men) commenting on my beautiful bag, or I get amazing color comments. Besides my LV, it makes me wonder why I carried black bags all these years. Even if you wear a lot of black, colorful B-bags are great! Please share your pictures when you get it!
  10. I'm doing a countdown. One more day until I get my gorgeous bag. I read somewhere that INK is sold out! NOO! Hopefully I'll find something I love at Bal-ny, and even if I don't, I'm getting a Bbag anyway because I love the way these bags feel!

    Can't wait to post pics!
    Cheers girls!
  11. IMO, B bags look best in vibrant colors. That's what I love about Balenciaga. A lot of colors to choose from! Best of luck!
  12. The Ink is a great color but it's a Pre-Spring color so I don't know if there are many of them left....The leather feels great though:yes:

    And Ink isn't actually blue. It's black with eggplant tones to it.

    And I think Bal NY and like 2 Ink bags left...Go go go!
  13. Oh, and I also saw about 5 Inks on display at Maxfield LA
  14. I just called Bal NY no more ink bags in any of the models! :sad:

    but they said blueberry is available
    hopefully this piece of info won't change by saturday!
  15. If u can still get a hold of a rouge vif, go for a rouge vif!!!

    Yes the color of the bag is red, however, I wear anything with the rouge vif!! Its like the new black but with a punch of color that makes your whole outfit pop! I own a first in black and white, and I dont remember wearing the black or white as much as i did with my rouge vif!!!

    if rouge is not for u, definately go for a color YOU LOVE. !