Advice Needed...

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  1. I have put the following on hold at Macys:


    They are all 40% off original price.

    I'd love owners' opinions

    First the Legacy Framed Slim Envelope in Khaki/ Metallic?

    I don't know how they still have this! But I caught it just as the SA was putting it back in the 40% off container :nuts:
    But I felt it "quite slim"? Very thin and cheap looking... The trim seemed flimsy, as if it would peel with use... Would it? Has it? Pics?

    The bangle is cute and snug when I first slipped it on my wrist (it doesn't snap open) but it feels a little awkward and I'm afraid it will scratch easily... then again it is $65 and it matches my HS Berry tote!!!

    The Fish keyfob. Will it fade with time? I'm worried about it's light color...

    The heart locket is beautiful IRL, but it is heavy and I worry it will weight down the hang tag and fall :sad: also it seems as it would scratch easy.

    The Madeline in Khaki/ Buckskin. I love the color and the scarf, but I do already have the Khaki/ Geranium.

    Do I need a second one?

    Lastly, the swing pack.
    How durable is it? Does it stain easily?

    Sorry for the long thread and many questions, but I know nothing about most of these items and I'd love to be informed

    Also, how challenging would it be to come around any of these if I was to pass on any at 40% off?

  2. I don't own any of these but I have to say I just love the fishy! I hope you get all of your questions answered and I hope you end up with the fishy!
  3. I'm another one that hopes you end up with the fishy - I LOVE that fishy and at 40% off? What a steal, I wish my Macy's sold keyfobs!
  4. Everything is pretty, and you have to love Macy's for that 40% off, especially because a lot of the things that they mark down often times still on the Coach website. But in any case, out of all your cute picks, I would take the heart locket.
  5. I own the fish keyfob and love it. Still looks great but I haven't had it that long (a few months).
  6. I would go with the bangle, fish and heart keyfob. Those are soo pretty and have plenty of uses!
  7. I think you should get the swing pack and the two keyfobs. :smile:
  8. get the fish and heart fobs.
    Sounds like you have reservations about all of it...those would be less commitment ($$$) purchases.

    The other stuff doesn't "do it" for me.
  9. I would just get Mr Fishy! He's so cute. A lot of us have him and love him.
  10. I have the round version of the heart key fob and I am not at all impressed. The pin constantly fell out of the hinge until I finally superglued it in. That worked for awhile but now it doesn't stay shut after some use and it doesn't open right- it leans when it opens.
  11. hmm I would get the bangle, fishie, and heart locket. if you already have a Madeline in a similar colour, save your money for a different bag, & the swingpack, while adorable, is very summery & wouldnt quite work in the fall (although I guess it also depends on where you live!)
  12. I would get the wallet, bangle and fish keyfob.
  13. Another vote for wallet, bangle and fishy.
  14. ^^^ Ditto!
  15. Oh, that does not sound good :Push:
    I have little patient for things that break, so I'm skipping on the heart locket if it's going to break easy :nogood:
    Thanks for sharing!