Advice needed!

  1. OK, so I just started a new job 2 weeks ago.

    The holidays are very important to me.

    My fiancee walked in after work today and has decided he is going to take the three days off before Thanksgiving and drive up to Michigan, where he is from, to take care of some business he has up there. This gives me a week and a half's notice to my boss if I want to go.

    He swore up and down to me that he wouldn't be going up North before Spring, and I really want to go with him. To see his family, etc.... for a lot of reasons not to mention the fact that his mother loves this stupid girl up there and always drags her along anytime my fiancee is there, and the girl is in love with my fiancee, and throws herself at him-- it's sick. But that's not the point. In any event, I don't want to spend Thanksgiving without him, and I want to see his family, etc etc.... what do I do?

    Do I ask my boss for the three days before Thanksgiving off (I already have Thanksgiving and the day after off)? Would it look bad? I mean, my boss is really cool and so are the people I work with and I think he'd let me have it but I don't want to put my career in jeopardy over this. Do I just not go, and sit down here miserable the whole week he is gone? What do you guys recommend? I'm not sure what to do here and I'm miserable at the thought of him being up there during Thanksgiving but at the same time I don't want to make it tough on me at work by asking my boss for this time off.

    Thanks for the advice. :flowers:
  2. id just ask, whats the worst that can happen, they say no.
  3. i would just ask also
    it wont hurt to ask right??
  4. I would definitely ask. Outside of the retail and travel/hospitality industries, it's pretty quiet during that week of Thanksgiving. Plus, it's not like you're asking for time off to go sip fruity drinks on a beach...the Thanksgiving holidays are known "family time" - and special to you this year because of your engagement (congrats!!)

    If your boss gives you any grief, are you in a job that you can check into remotely via phone, computer, etc. You could offer to set some hours to do some work if your boss hems and haws.

    good luck!
  5. I think you should ask. I'm assuming you don't have deadlines or something pressing to do/complete on the week of Thanksgiving, so I don't see the problem.
  6. I'd ask. In most industries, that week is generally dead (unless you're in retail or hospitality as redney mentioned).
  7. If you're afraid to ask, why not just drive up on your own on Wednesday after you get off work to spend at least Thursday and Friday with him and his family?
  8. I would just ask. It's not really a big deal, and the worst that can happen is that they tell you no... you never know though, they might just say yes, so go ahead and ask.
  9. I disagree with the posts above. It can hurt if you ask and they say no.

    I once read a CNN Money article about how the first three months of your job really set up how people view you for the rest of your career at that particular office. I have found this is SO TRUE for myself and for others I work with. As the newest person in the office, don't you think your coworkers might look askance at your asking for time off (and getting it), when they have not bothered to ask because they're very diligent about their jobs? And in the future, any time your husband takes a trip and you want to go with him, are you going to ask for time off?

    If it's not a matter of seeing long-lost family and just a pleasure trip (i.e. you avoiding "sitting at home", I would forgo asking.
  10. I'm sorry, I would not ask for that much time off so soon. I have to agree with IntlSet. You just started and have this will not set the best impression. Of course, ultimately, you have to be comfortable with your decision.
  11. How long have you been there for? I guess it depends on the type of job you're in..
  12. I'm in advertising and public relations... I went ahead and asked my boss, and I was SO nervous, and he laughed and handed me the pen and told me to mark it off on the board and that I shouldn't be so nervous because it's no problem at all! :yahoo:
  13. That's extremely impressive. The big PR/ad firms I'm familiar with (Ruder-Finn, Ketchum, Edelman) would never let that fly. You must be very persuasive. Have a great trip!!
  14. yay!!!!! Congrats to you!!! :yahoo: Enjoy your holiday week!!!! :heart:

    (besides, advertising agencies work for their clients and if their clients are out/the week is slow, the agencies adjust too. This is very common, even with the big firms. It's especially true in NYC agencies in the summer time - 1/2 day Fridays are the norm for all staff at all levels.)

    Have fun!
  15. Glad it worked out for you!