advice needed

  1. I am searching for kelly for a gift for my sister. she owns no Hermes bags -just a few scarves. i want to find something that is a standout but still useful given this may be her only Hermes bag ever. the circumstances under which we are doing this are special. I dont want necessarily practical (ie black or brown)but neither do I want orange --I am thinking Blue Jean 32cm because it is so quintessentially Hermes and such a pretty and happy color. My question is this: Is blue jean too summery? I dont want to give her bag that is for just one or two seasons. any feedback or ideas would be much appreciated.
  2. Truly a wonderful gesture:heart: IMO I think Blue Jean is a lovely all year around color.
    Goes well with black and winter white for the Winter, lovely in spring and summer.
    You can't go wrong with BJ
  3. I think blue jean is a nice all year round color! Good choice! Btw, can I be your sister too LOL

  4. you are sweet.........she has had a bad couple of years.
  5. What a great present. I think BJ is a pretty and happy colour too and if she's had a bad couple of years it's PERFECT!!!!
  6. bj is all year for me! i love it with black in winter and white in summer!!! such a happy and fun color!
  7. BJ is a great all year around color :tup: What sweet of you!
  8. BJ Flies with me! :tup:
  9. wow thanks everyone--i was really unsure but now i am feeling that this might be awesome......

    last question:32 or 35??????????
  10. what is her height, and frame? Does she like a big bag, generally?
    you are sweet!!!
  11. thanks-
    5 4 medium frame--curvy. medium bags. but i am not sure if 32 really qualifies as a medium size?
  12. Dear Ms. HsH:

    I think 32 BJ or 28 BJ retourne are my FAVORITE size/color would suit her frame well.

    Pls. let us know what you've decided....
  13. I love Blue Jean. It's an all-year-round color. Plus, the color is eye-catching. 32 will look good on her.
  14. Same size as me - so I'd say 28 or 32.
  15. i have a 32cm BJ kelly and i've use it all year round! it is a very versatile color that will go with just about, white, beige, brown, grey..i've worn it with them all!