Advice needed :(

  1. Hi all, Long time reader - first time poster. And unfortunately its not a positive post :sad:
    Just basically after some advice. I bought a Chloe bag from Net-A-Porter a few weeks back. I have heard nothing but fantastic things about them and the site also guarantees quality, no seconds, etc.
    I received my bag and within a few days I had the zipper pull fall off (fixed myself as it just needed to be tightened) then the button appear loose I then realised it wasnt fastened at all.
    I emailed them, they were great. Talked me through the return process. I debated just keeping it and gluing it myself but I have paid so much that I decided I should get a new one. Sent it back and had them email me to say their quality department had said it was not up to their standards and was faulty. They replaced it.
    I received the replacement - worse than the one I sent back. I got it out of the box and the button was hanging off and was very loose. The top of the button had a deformity like it had been stamped by a machine in the wrong place (this was how I could tell theyed even replaced it because the first bag didnt have that) It was very obviously faulty without even looking too hard and I dont see how it wasnt picked up by their "quality" team. Its pretty much a factory second in my opinion and I am very very disappointed. I can hear the button rattling every time I use it and have to push it on constantly so I dont lose it. At first I thought Ill just glue it I cant be bothered with sending it back again, but its just so much worse than the first I should have kept that one. I emailed them 3 times (I received the replacement 2 weeks ago) and I have not had one single response. To me this seems unlike them but I have been sent an obviously faulty bag as a replacement for another faulty bag. This was my first (of I hoped many) purchase through them and will now be my last.
    I have sent a snail mail letter with pictures to their head office now because they wont answer emails, my next step will be contacting my credit card company because its over USD$800 that I spent on it.
    Anyone have any ideas why this has happened or why they wont respond? Anyone had any similar issues?
    It just seems completely unlike them from the last return and from what Ive heard but it really seems like theyre avoiding me.
    Thanks :smile:
  2. Wow- I am so surprised to hear that they are being so unprofessional, I have always found them to be spot on. Have you tried phoning their customer service number (if there is one- I am sure there must be) to speak to someone in person? I would be really annoyed if I were you.

    If you were dealing with the UK NAP (I assume not though because you mention $s), we have just had a holiday weekend so there may not have been anyone to respond to you til Tuesday, and then a couple of days backlog of emails. But that doesn't really seem a good reason for you not to have heard back for 2 weeks!

    I think you should stop using the bag altogether and get it ready to send back, and keep trying to get hold of them, and then if you don't hear back after another couple of weeks go through your credit card company.

    Best of luck.
  3. It was the UK one. I was waiting each day for business hours for them to respond, but then I read they are available 24/7 and realised they are probably just plain not answering. I dont think I want a replacement though - I work full time and its hard to organise replacements or deliveries. I will just get my money back but I want the shipping as well (I know this is not the normal but I am not returning it for the second time because Ive changed my mind. I didnt get what I paid for two times and therefore feel I should get a full refund.)
    I havent contacted them by phone as yet, I cant ring internationally from my phone so Id have to work out where I can call them from but I dont see why they were so helpful first time round then they disappear for the second time.
    I too had only ever heard good things about them and feel this is very unlike them but I dont understand why they wont respond.
  4. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I've had good experiences with them in the past, but you should just keep on them and hopefully they'll reply to you soon. I wish you the best of luck!

    What style bag did you buy? I don't blame you for not wanting another replacement and I want to avoid that style too.
  5. It was their large leather silverado. Its so nice, feels lovely but its just not worth the money if its not going to be of good quality.
  6. I totally understand, I had a similar problem with NAP! I will not be ordering from them again!!!!!!
    Long story short I ordered a paddy wallet from them, when I received it the C on the lock was hanging off and the inside of the wallet was torn. Because I really loved the color of the wallet I just exchanged it for another. That one had thread coming aloose and eventually the two card slots turned into one. I did not bother to send that one back I just figured I would take it to be fixed. However, that was my last purchase from them.
    Goodluck, I hope everything works out!
  7. Interesting to find out that someone else has had a similar issue. Its almost like the rotate the seconds when there is a problem. I would have been happier to fix it myself if it was similar to the original one I had but this one is so much worse and without just gluing it, its not really fixable. I sent the letter to head office on Monday so hopefully theyll respond to that, does anyone know if the do respond to snail mail?
    Ill give them another 2 weeks since its an international letter before I do anything else.
  8. Any news?

    We had a very slight problem with them, recently, nothing like yours, though.

    I have been a NAP customer since before they were called NAP (when they were called intofashion) and until recently, I had never had a problem with NAP and had found their service to be exemplary.

    However, I recently bought a Chloe belt from them and when I received it, I noticed that it had deep dents in the leather around the buckle.

    They only had one more left and I was worried that if I sent it back and waited for a refund, I might miss out altogether. So, as I wanted to buy some more items from them, anyway, instead of sending the faulty one back immediately, I ordered the other one as well.

    When I received my second parcel with this second belt in it, I noticed that the leather was slightly faded in a similar area to the dents on the first, so as I wasn't, immediately, sure which was worse and as I was quite busy, I left it a few days before deciding.

    Once I had made up my mind to keep the second one, we emailed them for an RMA number for the first belt (mentioning the faults) and also for two other items which were unsuitable.

    Anyway, so we received a reply, only mentioning one of the three items (not the belt) and stating that because we emailed after the 7 days, in accordance with their policy, they would only give us a store credit.

    We had emailed them, literally, two hours after the 7 days (from when my partner collected the parcel from DHL) were up! :rolleyes:

    Now, as I'm a regular customer, I didn't mind too much about the store credit, but I did mind, a bit, that we were being ticked off for not emailing within 7 days (especially as we had left it longer in the past and as the law says nothing about this being a necessity) and that the belt and the other item had not been included in the RMA.

    My partner emailed back saying this:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Please can you tell me whether this RMA number also includes...(the other items mentioned in the RMA request)?

    If not - firstly, I collected the package from DHL on the 16th August, as we didn't receive it when it was first delivered, as we were both out; so I was only about 2 hours over your 7 day deadline when I sent the email!

    Secondly, Distance Selling Regulations stipulate that items can be returned within 14 days (there is a 14 day inspection period), but say nothing about a 7 day contact period; so that is your company preference (or policy), not the law.

    I appreciate that, for your convenience, you prefer to be contacted within 7 days and I always try to do that, but you surely understand that that does not affect our statutory rights?

    Thirdly, the Chloe belt is faulty, so under the law, we are entitled to a refund on that basis alone; whether or not it was returned within 14 days.

    My partner has been a customer of yours since you first opened (and also a customer of intofashion before that) and this is the first time we have ever had a problem with returning items; even though we have contacted you later after dispatch than this, in the past, due to missing two DHL deliveries and so, not collecting the package until even later.

    Frankly, we are a little disappointed, as, until now, we regarded you as one of the most reliable companies out there.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,


    They replied saying that they would add the other items to the RMA.

    I would suggest that you send a similarly worded email to them, mentioning Distance Selling Regulations and your right to a refund beyond the 14 days, if an item (or its subsequent replacement) is found to be faulty; so that they know that you understand your consumer rights. :yes:

    Incidentally, after we returned it, they put the dented leather belt back up for sale on the site... :blink:
  9. Thank you - that is very interesting and useful information. I have noticed that out of stock suddenly reappear, even during sale season when they are unlikely to be restocking. I presume that this is the returns, including those that are sent back as flawed. Somewhat dishonest.
  10. Not a thing unfortunately. Its been a couple of weeks since I sent a snail mail letter with pics too. Going to email them once more (that will be 5 times) before I go to my cc company. I was hoping when posting this Id get a whole lot of "thats very unlike them" "theyre always reliable" posts. But after reading the few other problems its definitely confirmed for me that I will never purchase there again.
  11. ^ I think you should keep trying, Jaime - if necessary, contact Trading Standards. :yes:

    Other than the problem I posted about, I've never had a problem with them (over at least 40 transactions) and always recommended them, in the past, without hesitation.

    They aren't normally the cheapest, but they were always the best, IMO.

    I really hope this won't turn out to be an ongoing trend... :s

    No problem, BTW! :flowers:
  12. I actually purchased my Chloe paddington from the US NAP last year and the bag arrived in excellent condition(apparently the black was hard to find)...and the shipping was superfast...However, I will admit this has been my only purchase and after reading about your will remain my only purchase...I refuse to support a vendor who doesn't operate in good your credit card company immediately and make them aware of the problem...and that you have tried numerous times to get the problem corrected....I bet if their payment is retracted someone will contact you...Good luck...please post your final that all PF will know what type of company NAP really is...
  13. I have just returned an order of Chloe dresses that I bought in the NAP sale. I received them a couple of weeks ago and sent them back on Monday. I have received follow up emails to confirm receipt of the returns and refund onto my credit card. They have behaved faultlessly, which makes your treatment worse!!! They clearly have the correct procedures in place (re customer service/ returns etc) and in this case have simply ignored them for some reason. It is bizarre. Have you tried to phone, I think sometimes speaking to someone in person makes them take responsibility, and the problem here is that no-one is taking responsibility for dealing with you/ your problem.
  14. Thats how my first return was. They answered every email, when it arrived they told me the progress etc. This time they just avoided me. Anyways there is an update! (I was going to wait until I had the outcome to post but I will update you so far) I emailed them 2 more times and forwarded my photos of the fault. Then they called me! I was shocked to receive a call but impressed that they called instead of emailed back. They offered to replace it again, check it before it goes out and give me a 10% refund to my cc. Originally I just wanted a full refund but I do love the bag so I decided to take this option. I am, however, not convinced the new bag will be faultless after having two with the same problem. I sent it back and its still in transit. I have included a note stating the faults so they can just look for them right away and asked that the replacement be checked. I also asked that if it turned out to be a common fault and the replacement is the same that I just want a refund. I have now noticed that there are no more on the site. They told me they reserved me one so I guess I now have only one chance of getting a good one as there doesnt appear to be any left. I am almost sure there will be one left when they get my replacement though as I assume they will put it back up for sale as they did the belt.
    I will update again once I receive it back with its condition and if they followed through with their offers!

    (Thanks to everyone for their input though!)
  15. Glad to hear things seem to be progressing now.