Advice Needed

  1. Some jack*@# dumped a dog in my mom's neighborhood. She is a very sweet but very scared Rottweiler. She has not been taken care of. She is way to skinny. She will only let my mom get near her. My mom is feeding her and gives her water. She has dug a place under a shed in my mom's backyard and is staying there for the most part. It is breaking our hearts, but my mom can't keep her. She has two small dogs and she does not have a fence in her back yard to give the baby a big place to play. I do not have room for her because I live in a very small townhouse with no backyard at all. I am also not sure that my other dogs would take to having a large dog. We have tried a local pet rescue but they will not take her. I will NOT take her to animal control. That is not ever an option. But does anyone know about the what the humane society would do with her? Or do you have any other advice on what to try? I have emailed a Rottweiler rescue in Florida but they said their foster homes are all filled. I am so torn up over what to do!
  2. put an ad in the paper. i had a friend who had a dog and ended up not being able to care for it properly, she lived in an apartment and this was a medium sized dog. she put an ad in the paper and actually interviewed people and did home visits to make sure her dog was going to the right place.
  3. have you searched online for no-kill shelters in your area? She may be able to be placed in a foster home. Good luck!!
  4. Thanks so much!
  5. We found a Rottie on our back deck last year and I went through WEEKS of trying to find her a home and all the Rottweiler rescue groups were unable to help. It was heartbreaking and after two weeks, we had decided to keep her and got her into the vet and she was an incredibly sweet dog. We called her Roxy.

    BTW, I had to LOL when each group asked "how does she react if you try and take her food away while she is eating?" :wtf: I was like "what??? Like I would DO that to a strange dog!!" :confused1:

    About two weeks later, someone answered a flyer we were able to post at one of the vet's offices when we first found her; and long story short -- she ended up going to live with them and it's been happily ever after. We loved the people who came and I know she went to a good home.

    So maybe try the ad in the paper or if you can, try posting in vet's offices or local bulletin boards in stores. GOOD LUCK finding her a home!! There is a reason she came to your mom. :yes:

    Here is our Roxy:
    roxxy1.JPG roxxy2.JPG roxxy.JPG
  6. Like others have suggested, I would try contacting a breed rescue...they are usually extremely helpful :smile:

    Bless your Mom for trying to help this dog! Poor thing :sad:
  7. Good luck! Definitely start with the rescues, they know of resources the most of us don't. I hope you find her a happy home soon. And a big YAY for your mom and her care for the dog. We need more people in the world like that. :smile:
  8. Another vote for contacting rescue. How horrible for this poor dog to be dumped like that.
  9. Wildflower - Roxy is beautiful!

    We have contacted several rescues and they have not been able to help. One of them gave us a number for a man who is trying to find a foster home for her.
  10. Bless your Mom for taking care of her--and you as well for trying to help her!

    I've found a lot of rescue group information by doing a google search--using "dog rescue" and the name of the city I live in. Hopefully someone can take the poor pup in.

    Please keep us updated! Thank you SO much for caring for the poor pup. :heart:
  11. Keep us updated!! :smile:
  12. A lady from a rescue group will be coming out tonight. If they determine that she is a full blooded rottweiler they will make arrangements to take her. If she is not full blooded then it is back to square one!
  13. They won't take her if she's not purebred? That's ridiculous !!! Most breed rescues WILL take the "mixed" dogs... :yes: